Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!


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Step right up and guess the weight to win this gorgeous yellow gold mini Scoop-N-Poke! The winner will be determined by the nearest guess to the actual weight of the tool (weight will be measured to the nearest hundredth of a gram - 0.00g)

  • Post a reply to this thread with your best guess to the nearest two decimal points (LIMIT one entry per person)

  • ONE Grand Prize Winner: Yellow Golden Scoop-n-Poke + $50 Gift Card to Delta 3D Studios
  • ONE Runner-Ups: $20 Gift Card to Delta 3D Studios

  • Applicants must be 18 or older to enter
  • Contest ends July 31st, 2020
  • Winners will be announced in August to this thread
  • Weight will be measured to two decimal points (0.00g)
  • No purchase necessary to win. Purchasing does not increase chances of winning
  • Runner up will be determined by the second closest guess to the actual weight
  • Gift Cards redeemable on and have no expiration date
  • Tie-Breakers will be determined by random-number generation.
  • Winner has 30-days to claim prize
Edited to add the following information about the scoop:

NOTE: This scoop is 3D printed in a steel alloy. Due to the annealing manufacturing process every tool will have it's own unique weight. This tool is additionally coated with a layer of yellow gold which adds to the overall weight. No two copies would be identical in weight.
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7. 56 g

@Delta3DStudios, it's of course your contest to run the way you choose but it seems unfair that people who already own one of the other versions can weigh it to get into the correct range (I weighed a wood screw that seemed comparable). It would be more random to just match those last 2 significant digits.

On the other hand, I shouldn't be a choosy beggar so Thank You regardless.
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