Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!


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Quick backstory, I initially picked this hot sauce up because it's well known from being a big one on Hot Ones, the YouTube "hot wings with even hotter questions" series which interviews celebrities and is pretty viral now. I hadn't checked this sauce in much detail when I first bought it, and upon recent research it turns out to be a killer :evil:. Many many Hot Ones shows and celebrities later, there's highlight reels, there's bits on The Tonight Show and Late Night, etc. Meet Da Bomb - Beyond Insanity hot sauce. There are sooo many other YouTube videos and short entertaining clips of people trying this sauce too. Here's a bunch of my favorite that stood out from hundreds, enjoy.

Highlights of Da Bomb - Beyond Insanity on Hot Ones on YT, with various personalities.

There is some overlap/repetition in the above Hot Ones video links, fwiw.

Some YT videos from the public, much lol in the first two links.

I'll start a hot sauce talk thread for those want to discuss this, hot sauce and Hot Ones on YT.

Have a great weekend.

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There was a graffiti artist in Israel that did the coolest pieces, they would animate on your screen if you held your phone up to the art.


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This can be a little overwhelming on a sativa :razz: . People do crazy things on mountain bikes. Wild stuff. Anyone here bike ride / mountain bike ride? PSA, there's some pain here too.

:peace: :leaf:
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