Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!


danalee48 said:
LaunchBox420 said:
hahahahah the first one almost made me pee my pants!

I'm glad I could provide a video of such comedic pleasure :ko:
Nutty Charlie makes me laugh more than Carrot Top... Uh, so long as Squeaky Fromme ain't side my door. :uhoh:
Jevva notice how Sahah Palin looks zactly like Squeaky Fromme? :o
Nah, I ain't vaped... Jest gabbin' like Nutty Charles. :p


for those who get into movies that deal with philosophical/psychological issues might i suggest a few :

stalker (1979)
solaris (1972)
pi (1998)


if you go to youtube and feel like watching somthing trippy watch any of the salad fingers videos they are always good...or if you are looking for somthing random and funny type in charlie the unicorn either one of the videos are good i prefer the second tho real funny if your vaked lol :cool:
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