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Amazon’s ‘CBD Nation’ Explores How Marijuana Can Save Your Child’s Life

As more and more states (and countries) legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, so too has the conversation over CBD grown exponentially. CBD Nation tackles the potential therapeutic applications of marijuana’s non-high-producing compound from numerous angles, and while its inquiry is far from comprehensive—to its detriment—it nonetheless adds to a growing chorus of voices contending that CBD is a safe, effective and possibly revolutionary treatment for a variety of ailments.
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Buzzbomb Almighty

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We used to take the CPR to Sicamous and then the CN south down the Okanagan to visit grandparents, but I think sometimes we went south from Kamloops. I was very young, but could feasibly be somewhere in this footage.
Buzzbomb Almighty,
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funny, but staged...
The guy in the car behind just happens to be filming?
Not even a dash cam... he was camera in hand, framed up and waiting for it to happen.
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