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Happy 4/20 FC!

The ideas and experiences shared on this site are the cornerstone of this endeavor. Before I go any further I want to say: THANK YOU, FC! I would have never found the road I am on without you and the knowledge shared.

I am pleased to announce my company: Glass Symphony. The first vape for sale will be called the: Glass Symphony XLR. It is a direct draw convection vape head with an XLR jack for pid controllers.

The Glass Symphony XLR 120V is a simple glass vape with a complex air path. It uses precision ground spheres to add surface area around the heater. This gives the vape a large amount of heat and a distributed draw resistance. You can add or remove spheres to change the amount of heat in a draw. The vape can be single hitter power house or a gentle session vape. Tune it to what you like and keep the same comfortable draw speed.


- Fast extractions

- Adjustable mass

- Temperature control

- 100% convection on top of the bowl

- 100% cleanable 100% glass air path

- Filtered intake

- User replaceable heater

- Works with any 100W pid controller with an XLR (power at pin 1-2).

- Parts won’t stick due to thermal expansion (glass expands less than many metals)


The heater is a tried and true industrial cartridge heater. These can be found in some vapes already and a variety of other industries. The sub 100W cartridge for this vape is inside of a glass adapter. The temperature is measured inside the heater’s hot spot. This is great for seeing the max temp of the cartridge and preventing overshoots. Set to 660F, the controller + Glass Symphony XLR was connected to a “killer” watt meter for 12 hours. It calculated the power consumption running 24/7 to be: $30.83 a year, $2.53 a month, or $0.08 a day (@$0.11 /kWh). It took 15 hours to consume 0.49 kWh and that works out to the vape using 0.0326 kW an hour at vaping temps. So 32W is all it needs to create very dense hits. (The vape does pulse at a higher wattage to maintain the temp.)

The 3way adapter (body), spheres, handle, and bowl are the rest of the air path. All that can be tossed into a bucket for cleaning (don’t really toss). The whole thing is held together by two stainless steel clamps.

So that’s really it! It is meant to be simple, effective, and easy to clean. I’m working on a small batch that will be sold to early adopters who like to mess with pid numbers.

My jld612 pid controller uses code “36” to get into the settings. I think that the auto-tuned numbers from this box could be a start for any others that use the same code.

tldr; a guy that self medicates with scientific glass is selling the vape he’s been making for the last few years. It will cost $175-275 and be out this summer for pid controllers with XLR jacks.

Oh, hey elephant in the room..,

Glass breaks. Let’s talk about it. It happens! However, I think this is where this vape shines. I will have very competitively priced parts. But since this is lab glass you have more options. One is your local scientific glass blower – most do repairs for less than the cost of new. Or if you need a bowl or a handle there are off the shelf equivalents that can be found all over the world. So there are many options out there and no plastic along the way.

Here's a high temp hit of some purple herb.

I'm working on the website now. I can be emailed at symphony.vapor@gmail.com.

More to come!


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It's definitely the thickness of the vapour for me. Another example is my recent Grasshopper experience. I've owned over a 1/2 dozen of them. I picked up some second (actually third) hand ones, so they were well used, and the airflow was ok but still restricted. They were cloud producing MONSTERS!!! However, when I had them RMA'ed they replaced or maybe cleaned the bodies and the airflow was much improved, but I had to completely change my technique and couldn't get the clouds I had like before. Brand new GH's were the same, super open airflow but so much harder to milk...had to slow my draw right down to a crawl.

Like you said, sweet spot and happy medium...and since everyone has difference preferences, this vape looks so awesome because you can adjust the airflow for how YOU like it! Tits!

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@biohacker Ha! That is very nice of you to say. I'm glad you dig the vape.

Curious, are you familiar with the Herborizer Ti system? Just wondering how much this differs, with the exception of the cool beads to alter airflow?
I took a look at the Ti. The symphony is tall -prob 2.5X as tall. Even taller when on the bowl. The joints on the symphony are all 24mm/40mm joints.

glass symphony XLR standouts:
  • closed loop temp control - the heater has a temp probe at the center and requires a pid controller
  • all glass air path
  • 3" long heater surrounded by glass
  • can add an adapter to the intake
I really like that Airflow is an important part of the Concept of this Vape and that it is changeable - Airflow is so important for the Feel of a Vape and often overlooked in my Opinion... just trying to get it as open as possible is not enough... :2c:
I don't like when things feel like a milkshake or waiting a long time for vapor. This vape is all about a comfy direct draw experience.

It's definitely the thickness of the vapour for me.
Me too. That is one of the reasons this is so big. There is a temp controlled mass waiting for your fastest draw.

Here is a hit with an older version of the vape. I am hitting it as hard as I can. The symphony will hit in a similar way.


I'll make a new vid. Let me know if you want to see anything specific.

Sign me up for #1!!!
Hell yeah!
"Been watching you since the beginning of this awesome adventure!"
You are a friend in my past, present, and future for sure. Glad to have you here.


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I actually like the bigger size! And the ability to handle my draw without the heater dropping is awesome. I assume it will work well with micros? Such as .025-.05g?

What is the heatup time? Is it accurate? Once the PID hits temp it's good to go? Or requires a soak?

So excited for this!

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I actually like the bigger size! And the ability to handle my draw without the heater dropping is awesome.
I'm glad you dig it. The drag is unique for sure.

The heater does drop, but there is plenty of heat. The symphony is one part butane vape in that way. It's a mass that you hit, not the heater itself (sorta). If you just hit the heater and no spheres you would get a hotspot.

I assume it will work well with micros? Such as .025-.05g?
Yeah. The screen is nice and flat so it will all be distributed evenly. You can expect it all to be zapped. You can also expect it to be very repeatable once at vaping temp. If you like to change bowls quickly, it is spaced in a way where it will not get too hot to touch after a hit.

What is the heatup time? Is it accurate? Once the PID hits temp it's good to go? Or requires a soak?

The pid started cold at 74F and hit my set temp of 650F in 3 min 10 sec. The vape needs a soak since it is measuring the temp inside the heater and not at the spheres. I was able to get the hit I expected 6 min after a cold start. So after 6 min you can trust the readout on the pid. I mean you can always trust it, it is telling you the hottest temp in the whole vape all the time.

I can measure this with a temp probe in a couple spots and time it.

This looks interesting. Very nice work Jo-Jo!
Thanks, Gigsabits53! :rockon:

:science::leaf: I'll shoot a vid of 0.02 and 0.05 hits.

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Ok, I did a 0.04 grams hit. My scale is very jumpy from 0 to 0.05. I can't make it show 0.01, just 0.02 and then it goes by 1. I figured 0.04 was small enough and between what you asked. I weighed the flowers inside the bowl and on top of a glass 18mm holder.

The flowers I am using are very dry. When I purchased it I did not realize that the 1.5 grams was actually a pre-rolled joint. The dude could have told me. I thought the container looked funny...

So it has been pre-ground for who knows how long. Here is the before:


The temp was at 750F. This is prob at the end of the line temp for vaping flowers. The abv was very dark, but not black. Here is the after:


And here is a short vid of the whole thing from my office window:

I did not capture the exhale. I hope you can see how the hit fades within a breath though. I take 3 hits but really it was done on the 1st.


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That's awesome! You just need to put an arizer elbow screen in the bottom to capture the specs that get into your glass :p

I just had to buy the Herborizer Ti, but this one is next on my list! So keen on it!

Very effective micro! What about a lower temp slower hit, would it manage to milk up more? Add some more resistance perhaps?

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Too funny!...What's up eagle eyes! During the shoot I needed a bowl to hold the vape while I weighed things. I grabbed the closest bowl and it had no screen. It also had some abv in it because it was sitting on top of a pile. So that is why so much is in there. I almost did not upload the vid because I did not want you people to think big chunks would fall through. My screen setup is not perfect, but it won't do that.

I can do a slow draw milk vid. I suppose it looks a bit different because I am using the fc-ufo as a passthrough. The symphony has the heat and draw resistance to zap small amounts in a fast breath. If you want more vapor in the breath just increase the dose. Use too much like 0.2+ and you will probably choke.

Keep in mind this is how it acts fully loaded. If you want less heat you can remove spheres and mess with temps. Find the hit that you want over and over again.

I prefer around 0.1 give or take a 0.05 grams at 650F. This is not super dense, but still satisfying. The temp/dose is a flavor bomb for some of the herb I have. This also saves my lungs because I didn't extract the shit out of it like I did the 0.04.


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Too funny!...What's up eagle eyes!

:rofl:It's the laser vision dude, better than 20/20 peepers! :o

That's pretty cool, sounds similar to when I was using the Sublimator, I would take those rapid quick draws like you did, but this is going to be sooooooo so much better with the glass! Shows the thermal mass, and how effectively quick it can cache a load.

Does it take long for a temperature to "cool down". I mean, i'm sure the PID will be faster than the heater cooling. A few minutes?

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Awesome Dude!!! :rockon:
:rockon: Thank you!

Keep going!

Thanks for the support! It keeps the fire hot.

That's great, I always loved your DIY thread as I'm a huge fan of repurposed lab glass.
Good luck!
Thanks, The Beagle. The repurposing is what this is all about!

laser vision dude, better than 20/20 peepers!

Seriously though, I'm glad you spotted it and asked.

That's pretty cool, sounds similar to when I was using the Sublimator, I would take those rapid quick draws like you did, but this is going to be sooooooo so much better with the glass! Shows the thermal mass, and how effectively quick it can cache a load.

Does it take long for a temperature to "cool down". I mean, i'm sure the PID will be faster than the heater cooling. A few minutes?

I've never tried that one. Some conduction in the sub if I remember right? That can make vapor flash pretty damn fast. Convection is a shave slower. Especially the way I have things all safely spaced. (BTW this vape could have conduction if you change one part.) The bowl on the symphony can be cold to vape and stays cool after hours and hours of use.

Rapid draws are sweet for sure. I still need to make a vid of a slow hit too.

As far as lowering the temp, if you wanted to drop from 730F to 630F? I would take a couple draws to nudge it along and the vape will level out. If you just let it sit there I'd wait a couple min after the pid reaches it. I am just guessing and will test this better. A quick test of a 40F drop took 50 seconds to reach on the pid. I don't think it is too far off. There is no air between the heater and the glass in the air path so it is sorta responsive.

Here is a vid of a prototype with a weaker heater. It is actually a graph of the temps right after a hit. I am measuring the temp near the heater with a glass port, not inside the cartridge like the Glass Symphony. This should give you a peek of what is happening after a hit and how it heats up.
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One hit 2 ways :science: ...Once at 240fps slow motion and the second time at normal speed. The 30fps hit starts at 41sec.

The vape was at 600F. I consider this the low end of vaping temp. (You can go up to 800F) I had no water in the FC-UFO for sound. Even w/o water the fc-ufo is loud! I think it is neat to see how much is zapped before it hits the perc.

I still need to make a slow draw vid. I won't make that a slow motion, it would be 10 min long! My glass needs a cleaning for that and I was lazy today.

More to come!
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