Glass and Milkshot Video Thread


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Orchid Essentials currently my favorite prefilled distillate cartridge. They're the only brand that I know of whose batteries have multiple heat settings.

Using a reclaim catcher to keep the pen upright watch it milk this multi perc tube bong

With a 14mm female joint It doesn't even need a WPA

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I forgot to post this a bit ago. Here is the Leisure Glass's new Lil Dub with 24mm Nautilus sapphire and two ruby spheres.

Watch for the bucket turning solid white. That is when the rubies start spinning at full speed.

Here are a few more.

Ben Wilson Triple Donut Recycler with Pukinbeagle black and gold 36mm flat top with Dnail Sapphire Halo.

Not enough water...
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Setup listed in signature. Here's a shot of a cold start with some Westfest2019 Number 1 winner Sativa dom bho of Lemon Panna Cotta - Platinum, Look how clear she is even after heated.:rockon::luv::drool: Processed and grown inhouse in Canada by Kind Selections.

Video of urbanremo talking with Red Beard who works with Kind Selections showing off the platinum line.

Zangano Cruel

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Long video.
I went through many of the heavy hitters.
Hope you enjoy it.
I’m always trying to post new videos, here at FC, at YouTube, or at Instagram, zancru is the IG handle.
I’m always doing livestreams too, where we can test all the desktops I have. See you soon.
Stay vaped!
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