Glass and Milkshot Video Thread


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Concentrate M through Texas Tubes & American Helix collaboration piece.
When I begin to pull you can see the Helix effect in the mouthpiece as the drops of water start to flow sideways to the left.
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I liked my diamond knot but got a bucket for my other Mini Pillar instead. I love the bucket A E S T H E T I C
The DK is a truly capless nail. I don't think it was less efficient at vaporizing than any other good nail - it's just that when you pull on the piece, it pulls the oil to the vertical walls and spreads it out along that vertical wall, giving the impression that there's a lot more unvaporized oil left on the nail. Now, naturally you can't qtip it like you could other nails, so mine got crusty and chazzed pretty quickly. I've been dabbing off the same swing in my bucket for much longer than my Diamond Knot lasted, and that quartz still isn't cloudy. Then you have the price. I can get replacement swings for less than half the cost of a DK, ymmv though, especially if you're used to import quartz prices (import quartz is significantly less expensive than either the DK or my swing cost).

I know it seems like I'm just shitting on the Diamond Knot, but I really liked the nail. They have exceptional heat retention, and a really unique look. They're capless even on super low temps which is admittedly nice. Honestly it was cool to see how the nail worked up close while hitting the piece. Mine lasted about 8 months before I had enough, and I dab a fair bit (sometimes 7g+/week, but on average 4-5g/week). If you use less and are meticulous about upkeep, they're great. If all you do is six gram slab dabs, I'd just get a banger/bucket. I've included another up close video. Watch how the oil moves around when I go back to hit it again. The layer where the fins/vertical wall converge moves and is pretty thin, honestly I don't think it's more or less oil than you'd have left over on a banger after a low temp.


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Hey how exciting everyone- here are my FIRST EVER FC video shots!
Microdose one hit extraction with the 7th Floor Elev8r glass convection vaporizer.
Load sizes were 0.09 to 0.1 g. This is by far the easiest, quickest (inhalation wise) and most effortlessly I have ever achieved a one hit extraction from such load sizes, with any other vaporizer!
A re-heat produced zero vapor, all was done by the time the vapor drops off:
Round 2, that is hemp fiber floating in the water:
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