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The charging port on my battery has broke again. This is the 2nd one . I came on here to find ghost had shut down .... So I figured I could order a fast charger but they are not available anywhere. Anyone have any ideas how I can get a fast charger or try and fix my battery pack? The micro-usb port just got pushed in and won’t charge but a fast charger would still work. Anyone selling one?
Thanks for the fast payment and your fast charger should be in your hands by the end of this coming week. enjoy and may your MV1 serve you well once again. just remember that when the cells do go bad you can replace them with regular 18650 cells and there are pics and instructions in this thread on just how this is done. enjoy!


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My hatch broke last week. Damn I really loved this one. Really sad to see them gone.
Are you interested in buying a new in box unit, satin silver or black chrome (not the stealth black which has latch issues)
Then your broken unit could be a spare parts machine.
Some new accessories also available, with a new unit,


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If you guys were to replace the battery cells for your Ghosts, would you go for Samsung 30qs or Samsung 35e for the additional 500mah of capacity?

Samsung 30q - 3000mah - Rated for 15a cont (can do 20a)

Samsung 35e - 3500mah - Rated for 8a cont (less than the original cells which can do 10a)

Original cells: LG M26 - 2600mah - Rated for 10a

Since the heater is only good for 45w, Im unsure if the 35e cells will be able to supply the current needed continuously, safely. 58w max vs 108w max 🤔 . (Is the heater set in TC mode or just watt mode? )

I guess that also raises the question of what is the cutoff voltage for the cells...


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the matte black has the broken latch issues. the plated models seem to not have the failure due to the metalized plating making the latch more durable.
The plated models are much better but there are still latch failures unfortunately. Not nearly the same rate though, they're much hardier. As @LesPlenty says, help your device by putting pressure on the door before opening.
My trust is gone and gave my latch love from day one and it still happened.
I am looking for an alternative, but the market for on demand vapes with convection ist pretty thin.


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Glowing coil on demand vapes are common these days.
Check into the 510 based units like stempod,dreamwood,splinters and such not.


Well mine just crashed this week. It seems I have a full battery from the quick charger indicator but once I plug it up to the ghost I get three solid red lights. One of the best vapes I've ever owned but like everyone else said sucks they went out of business. I was able to buy one from vapor.com this week and haven't gotten a msg saying it's out of stock so fingers crossed. I got it for $120 even though on site says $175 with coupon. Hope that can help someone. Side note anyone know of a good vape with usb c chg connection/charging.


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My hatch broke last week. Damn I really loved this one. Really sad to see them gone.
Have you tried to simply close the door and notice it stays in the closed position due to the interference fit between the crucible door and the green silicone pieces? The latch is simply a gimmick and does nothing. It was the Achilles heel of the MV1 and brought the company down, IMHO.
Had they done what Haze did and simply rely on silicone to metal interference fit, the MV1 would continue to be a top shelf vape.

I continue to use my *broken* Stealth MV1 (the model most prone to latch breakage) while leaving two spares in their sealed boxes.
No net difference in any way to the day I first got it and struggled with that ridiculously tight and totally useless latch.

Don't knock it until you try it. If you do not have enough interference in the fit to suit your preference, the green inserts will some out but never go back completely without much effort. The technique can be used to increase the friction fit.

To not use an MV1 with a broken latch is like not driving your Benz because someone made off with the hood emblem.

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