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Aluminum had worn off my stainless grinder?

The milling plates and retaining sleeve are stainless but the rest of the mill is aluminum.

My mill is no where near as bad as those in the Reddit thread. I've found that if you try and do too much flower at once it allows for more play in the lid which I think is the main cause for the wear/dust.


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I think the retaining ring is stainless and the lid is aluminum. I feel like you would really have to be smashing down on it to get it to wear like that though. I also haven't even taken it apart to check contact points
I have wear on the outside of mine. I’m going to have this issue as well… this sucks, it’s brand new
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Have you heard about the boom on Mizar 5?
Interesting.....I wonder what the underlying issue is since after a good iso washdown mine looks brand new after a year of heavy use but obviously plenty are having the dust show up. Great reponse from Flower Mill in the Reddit thread offering to take care of people affected by this, I still love this grinder and the fine folks making it!


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Flowermill is the best design out there. I hope they find a solution so I can start shilling for them again, lol. I just can't recommend them until they resolve this issue for all their current customers. And there has been no resolution yet, that I know of. This is very disappointing. I wish BCG would come out with their stainless already. I might have to order an Herb Ripper until Flowermill gets this all sorted.


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They honestly just need to make stainless steel tops. Steel on aluminum is going to wear it down over time no matter how gentle you are with the pressure.
This is more challenging than it appears! We have a solution to kill the problem dead, I'll share here and on Reddit in detail soon! Just finishing up testing. I have lots to say about this topic.
Totally agree. A dream to use.
Has anyone received their kits to stop the aluminum dust in the herb?
Not yet, we'll send an email out to all affected when parts arrive. Currently it's under 30 people, to give some perspective.
I emailed with John and he said they're still finishing up the aluminium Mini's, but he's confident that they'll get to the making of SS Mini's this year. :rockon:

Lastly, we have a sale going on for today only! I know most FC people are interested in SS versions only, but the Standard is a power house and also makes a really great gift. Plus a chance to win a Mini!



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Anyone got tips to grind wet bud other than "air it out"? I haven't had issues of it clumping together, but it does just roll around and not grind. Should I use a coarser plate?
That's what I've done. The finer milling plates are great, but yeah, I've had issues when it's not dry. I'm really happy I got all the plates, I can make changes on the fly. It was worth the extra few bucks for sure.

But then again, I have a unit that has the aluminum dust issue, so maybe the finer plates would not be an issue if I had a unit where everything lined up perfectly. I'll let everyone know after they send out the repair kits.

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Just received my “temporary” premium version with the aluminum rotor. It made short work of some cbd (Hawaiian Haze) and sherb cake flower! I also have a Kannastor GR8TR v2 and an Herb Ripper, but the texture from the FM is unique, and the fluffiest I’ve experienced! Since I mostly vape, I switched to the finer screen next in line from the original, with the best result. My question to John about the compatibility of an aluminum rotor with stainless screen seems to be unfounded, but I am looking forward to receiving the SS version when it becomes available. Kudos to John and Flower Mill for being up-front about delays in the availability of the ss rotors, and offering multiple solutions to customers. You can’t ask for better customer support!


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I hope this doesn't go against the rules. I just want to make aware a potential issue that more people then just myself have come across

Hey everyone.

I hate to be a buzz kill cause I absolutely loved my flowermill until today.
I've found that the finish has worn down to bare aluminum on the inside of the lid on my stainless flowermill.
I had to check after reading the following post on Reddit.
The wear isn't directly over where the flower is milled but I can't guarantee when you remove the lid that potential aluminum dust won't fall in.

The easiest way to check is take out the milling plate from the lid and inspect the finish inside for wear.
Stay safe everyone
Have you gotten any update on this? I see on their website, they are taking preorders on the premium and it says: Pre-Order - Ships in June

I wonder if we won't get a fix until June... this is dragging on, not everyone has a lot of grinders as backups


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Just checking in again to see if anyone heard anything? Someone on Reddit said he heard the fix might be out for the aluminum dust issue, but I haven't seen anyone actually post up that they received the parts.


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I’ve still been using my Flower Mill, but I’m a little concerned about whether or not I should be and whether or not I will need to replace any parts. Being a light user I haven’t seen obvious wear so far, but if aluminum dust is making its way into my flower…

It would be nice to get some info from the FM team.


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Has anyone heard an update regarding the shipment of replacement parts to resolve the aluminum dust issue? I've emailed them two or three times over the past few months and received no response.


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I love my Flower Mill. Sucks to hear about the aluminum shavings some people have encountered but if the creator is reading I like my mine enough to shell out money for a 100% stainless version.
I would definitely buy a stainless body sleeve in the future if they offered it.
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