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Also, just about every local newspaper has been bought out by a hedge fund at this point.
And then you get absolute shit eaters like Rupert Murdoch that started in the 'News' business when his dad carked it and left him a small local rag in South Australia to where he is now...a fucking prick whose own son disowned him for evil ways. :2c:


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As bad as American media is, the UK's might even be more cursed. Here's a "fair and balanced" newscaster blaming railway union members for their current strike.

This bloke did an amazing job pushing back on the fake news media. It takes two to tango. I notice the media, on both sides of the pond, never asks the bosses "why don't you just raise pay and improve working conditions to bring this strike to an end?" Nope. They always harangue the workers to simply cave and accept whatever peanuts the bosses are offering.

Why is that? Because every newscaster represents the bosses. That's who signs their paychecks. That's who's buying advertising on their networks. That's who they will always shill for. Something to keep in mind when you watch the news to be "informed".


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The lil "Democracy Dies in Darkness" is

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And we already gave elites the biggest say in who becomes President by letting them buy every media operation in the country. So they can run articles like "wars make US richer and safer". And they do make them richer, because they all own Raytheon stock. And safer, because they can use the income from that stock to hire more private security.


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If my friends and family had 25 million to risk on a 20 year old's business idea, I wouldn't need a "side hustle".


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Yeah it looks like I got bamboozled a bit. This isn't quite on the level of their "Why the Billionaire Space Race Is Good For Everyone" op-eds.

That is the most hilarious headline I have seen. Luckily it is making fun of the fact that billionaires don't understand why people don't worship them (and from 2019): https://www.washingtonpost.com/opin...iticizing-billionaires-new-wearing-blackface/

It's some very mild billionaire criticism/mocking. And I'm totally baffled as to why they brought up blackface at all now having read the whole thing.

If money can’t buy a billionaire love, it can certainly at least buy him power. So it follows that Schultz thinks that having billions means he is qualified to run for president. He is so qualified that it doesn’t even matter that his presence in the race makes it more likely that President Trump will get reelected. Now, mind you, Schultz says that he doesn’t like Trump. But like Trump or don’t like him, you have to admit that he is a billionaire. Maybe. He SAYS so! Trust him!

I think Bezos owning a newspaper every politician in Washington reads is a better example of billionaires buying power than the Starbucks union-busting CEO running for President for like a month 4 years ago, but what do I know.


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This is an old gem. Dutch Historian Rutger Bregman was invited on Tucker Carlson's show. Bregman brought up the fact that Tucker is a millionaire, paid by a billionaire to advocate for the interests of the 1%, all while pretending to fight against "the globullist elite". In other words, a complete fraud. Tucker didn't take kindly to this.

It's amazing that this tough guy couldn't take, frankly very fair, criticism without turning into a whiny little bitch and telling Bregman to go fuck himself. I guess he struck a nerve.

It was nice to see someone attempting to explain this cartoon to the Fox audience. Shame the cowards wouldn't air it. Pretty anti-free speech and a little cancel culturish, TBH.

I am a supporter of gun rights. But, some who want to stir up trouble, have a flood of bots to hit social media after the recent shooting.


EACH NEW BREAKING news situation is an opportunity for trolls to grab attention, provoke emotions, and spread propaganda. The Russian government knows this. Fake-news manufacturing teenagers in Macedonia know this. Twitter bot creators know this. And thanks to data-gathering operations from groups like the Alliance for Securing Democracy and RoBhat Labs, the world knows this.​
In the wake of Wednesday’s Parkland, Florida school shooting, which resulted in 17 deaths, troll and bot-tracking sites reported an immediate uptick in related tweets from political propaganda bots and Russia-linked Twitter accounts. Hamilton 68, a website created by Alliance for Securing Democracy, tracks Twitter activity from accounts it has identified as linked to Russian influence campaigns. As of morning, shooting-related terms dominated the site’s trending hashtags and topics, including Parkland, guncontrolnow, Florida, guncontrol, and Nikolas Cruz, the name of the alleged shooter. Popular trending topics among the bot network include shooter, NRA, shooting, Nikolas, Florida, and teacher....​
Be careful about the news you see on the shooting. (And, most everything.) There are many who want to control the narrative for their own, unstated, ends. Just because this particular bot net seems to support my position, does not make my position more correct. Just as the bots that are assuredly on the other side don't make that position more correct.

It seems our best skill in this age of lies is to develop many sources of information from many positions on the left/right scale. Ghettoizing our sources of information by only watching/reading those we agree with is a sure way to ride the artificial waves of botinformation out there; and where a particular wave will take you depends on the puppet master behind the bot.
Just smoke away all the bullshit


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If these are the scumbags Forbes chose to put on their covers, you can safely assume everyone on their 400 person list is also a grifting scam artist. We should totally keep writing every rule and regulation in society to benefit those 400 grifters over everyone else. Anything else is doing a communism.
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