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Seems i upgraded my DV rank, @steama … i just got an e-mail about orders update !
Sending it before Friday !

Hope custody won't charge me this time… FEDEX did on my last order from US…


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Ordered on the 8th; shipped out today via SmartPost. Sadly, the estimated delivery date is a week from today. Oh well... I guess I can wait a little longer.
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Hello @Flow
Good to hear. Wasn't sure if you meant the 1st or 11th as it read the 1th. I ordered on the 10th still waiting for shipping confirmation..
freshly baked,


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I ordered the July 1st, still not shipped :-o . Many people ordered after me and had their product shipped one week ago, I don't understand... I hope it will be fulfilled Friday like they said in their mail :s.


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@Squiby must know the inside scoop!

I have no clue, but I do know that my order was placed in the first few hours of the sale and just like the last sale we broke the internet with our traffic. That sale went on for 5 days and I added to my order several times like I think a lot of us did. What I want to know is, how many Ms and Omnis were sold?


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I placed two orders during the sale...my first order shipped hella fast, but this 2nd one has taken about 2 weeks and counting.

normally I'm anxious...but I had a buddy from FB order a M during the 4/20 sale and he was just fuming and pissed, saying how he hated dynavap...and I was just like chill dude, shit will be good.

he got his order a few days following and is now in LOVE with dynavap and ordered more this sale...

I think I took my own advice and am calmly waiting, I didn't even email them yet or doubt I will...even though I'm dying to try the omni XL and the new gen TI tip, the other order was just M's and a body

To shorten a long story shorter tbat could get longer: dynavap waits are okay because they dont fuck around! plus...they treat people right


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I ordered on the 6/30; changed the order 2x (7/3 & & 7/6) & my order was shipped on 7/11 & I received it on 7/14. For whatever it's worth, & I can't say it worth much, but when I made my 2nd change to my order the refund acknowledgment invoice said that I was customer ID 9476; invoice #9278. So either I am their 9476 new customer or I am was their customer # for this sale??? Is this even possible for them to have 9000 orders???

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Hi guys n gals, I just got an email update from Dynavap it reads as follows -
Dear valued customer,
We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience. We continue to fulfill and ship orders eveeyday. If you haven't received a shipping confirmation already you should expect one very soon. We will have all orders fulfilled and shipped by this Friday.
All the best - Team Dynavap.


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I ordered early on 7/01. Just got my shipping notice today, 7/20. :clap: They must have had a lot of orders, I haven't waited that long since my first DV order more than a year ago. I was never worried, I've always had complete faith in Dynavap. I knew my patience would be rewarded! I'm super excited to get my XL OMNI condenser and an M for a friend. Hurry up USPS! :whip:

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