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I use a nice ceramic container I got at the home decor store. I added a cork pipe bumper inside and drilled a small pinhole in the bamboo lid so it doesn't toss avb everywhere when I open it. If you wanted to add a little poker to the cork I'm sure that would be easy. You could probably sharpen one end of a old stir tool and poke it into the cork.

I have used that ever since I broke my Elev8 duff jar and have been happy.

Edit: @arb that is a great idea! Why has nothing like that ever occurred to me?


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Cannabis Hardware do a fancy one from time to time

I use cork knockers in old ashtrays and am ever hopeful of buying a Moroccan style ashtray with a cork in the centre or something like a Kind Ash Cache for a reasonable price in Europe

Or there's a few nice looking options that caught my eye on etsy if you search there for debowler


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You can see it in this pic. This is what's been sitting next to me lately. My wife bought me the ryot box to hold my herb now that I don't have a screen on my grinder.


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To be honest, with all the vapes and vape equipment I have, I have never owned a duff jar designed for blowing your load into (you're welcome, Posts Taken out of Context Thread) because I prefer to use a pointy tool to gently remove my ABV from my stem/bowl/whatever into a container.

I usually use a small wooden bowl that I eventually dump into whatever jar I may be using at that time for my bulk AVB storage.

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Yea, I am not really worried about storage.

I just like the ability to empty the wand so easily, all while removing the fine particulates from the screen, without a mess.
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