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Do you have temperature measurements from Volcano Classic or Hybrid?


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Hi all. I used a digital meat thermometer (the kind where you insert the probe into the meat) inserted into my Volcano Classic filling chamber (empty) and resting on the upper screen to measure actual air temperature reaching the weed. The temps were obtained with the air pump running continuously the entire time.

Elapsed Time55.566.577.588.59
Orange Light Out (time)n/a3:114:06n/a3:524:273:184:356:00
Orange Light Out (temp)841009710810799122111107
1:40 min:sec315332325338345356371369365
2:00 min:sec320340333345353363378375371
2:20 min:sec316336341354363372386382379
3:00 min:sec320340336348370381394392387
4:00 min:sec316349349361367374386404398

It takes about 30-35 sec to fill a bag, so it looks to me that I need to run my air pump for at least 30 sec or more to get the weed exposed to temps 315 or above before filling a bag. The main conclusion is that at least my Volcano Classic needs to run for a period of time before installing a vape bag because the dial setting does not instantaneously produce and maintain a fixed temperature. Rather, the temperature builds up over a period of operation time.

Anyone have any other data to share? Verification of the temps shown on a Hybrid?

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no I don't, but I wish I could, my old and trusty temp device left me just before the Hybrid came in my life.
but my personal feeling is after 6?9? months with the Hybrid, the Hybrid temps on the screen are not at all the temps in the bowl:2c:.
for example: I get massive clouds out of my crafty+ at 174C. (my favourite temp when out and about)and ,slightly different(but I reckon that's the difference between the old Mighty heather and the newer and imho more efficient Crafty+.....🤔:2c:)in the old Mighty, theold Mighty likes 188 for the same herb.
Now putting this herb in the volcano Hybrid: I need at least 195C for the same production of clouds....🤔:sherlock:.
and I almost feel(:sherlock::hmm:),the 230C on the Hybrid is exactly the same temp as 210 in the crafty or mighty.....
curious about other members thoughts on this...... hint hint.
Green Kiwi,
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