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It looks like Matt is starting beta testing for the Gen3 dry herb atty, looks like he combinates balls vape with ceramic heaters stacked:

I gifted my Gen2 to a close friend although I'll keep an eye on its next iteration, I don't know but it looks like it will be convection...

For infos the Dreamz he mentions is the new air forced vaporizer actually in beta testing, I'm very surprised it wasn't mentionned here:



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What what what ??? So if i have well understand, very soon, DivineTribe will release a forced air vaporizer for concentrates AND a forced air vaporizer for herbs ???? :ko: After the success of the V5 (and the Lightning Pen) i'am really excited about these two news devices !


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"Attention those who were in the v5 beta group, 150 of you are invited to purchase the Nice Dreams prototypes under the same conditions as we did the v5 rollout (details will be emailed) We will be testing five of these over the next two weeks from there we will manufacture 150 pieces and these will be available to our beta group v5 testers. These 150 will test it through the following month, maybe change something but I am thinking it’s solid. Either way we will start a production for the public. We are hoping that production will be ready in the summer 2023. Stay tuned I’m sure you’ll be seeing more posts of these as The Prototypes get out just like the v5."

@lazylathe Were you in the v5 beta group? Any plans to pick up one of these to play with?
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Almost there...

Not really thought about picking one up.
It's similar to the Core 2.0 just with a blower on it. Same heater as well I think.
Also a lot of places for vapor to condense on with the large glass dome.
What I am not sure in is if it will have the standard 4 heat settings or be able to be set to any temp? That would bring it up quite a bit in my opinion.

It's a neat idea!
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