Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2


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I love this wacky talented chick that looks like a young kate moss and is a talented singer and guitarist.
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I've been playing a fair amount of deep house & electronica lately... and some music shared here haz been helping that along :nod:. Thx for all the newer indie music content shared! It's been enlightening and I've found some favorites. Cool beans on the really widely variable music & multi song posts, like @Vehmic @Floydian @daoist etc.

This took a bit for me to warm up to and it's excellent! Very artistic & carazy vid :o! Thx again for sharing! I impressed a fellow industrial music fan with this song too 👍.

Here's another interesting new electronica set, enjoy. With a cool trippy visual as well

Have a nice Sunday night and next week

:peace: :leaf:
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Very artistic & carazy vid :o!
True. :-) You might also like →this one. I love stop motion videos, they remind me of my childhood and it's such an interesting sensation to see „adult“ themes being stopmotioned like that. Ghostemane, yeah – I haven't been into this kind of music (dark, hard, about depression, death, suicide etc.) for a long time, but this guys stuff hits a spot in my musical mind. I stumbled upon him because I read somewhere that he's in a relationship with Poppy, another fantastic, but pretty confusing artist who I totally adore.



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Thx for sharing all the newer indie/electronic music!

I'm new to this DJ style electronica but still enjoying it. A little faster than much deep house and a mix of DJ's, I'm still in. Enjoy.

New release & this indie group again

More indie rock too

What a time to live for great music :nod:

TGIF and have a great weekend

:peace: :leaf:


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We need Moar F u n k

Funky Candy, the Dutch treat. A lifetime of funk excellence.



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TGIF and more excellent new indie with this recently released Grimes (her and Elon Musk are dust). Enjoy.

Have a great weekend
:peace: :leaf:
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