Combustion Confessional


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Yesterday while vaping out my MFLB and Extreme Q I had the sudden urge to smoke a joint. Turns out I was too vaped to roll a J correctly and I ran out of papers :rofl:


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Fuck me? Fine. I felt like it. I'd nearly forgotten the uniqueness of walking into the fire (Dokken fills my mind). My lungs will live another day... This may be a lonely thread, but I walk alone, so there.

I could care less if you combusted...I'm far more interested in your Dokken shout-out. :rockon:

Rock the fuck on, my man!

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Welcome to the combustion confessional thread. Have you been naughty? Did you cheat on sweet lady vape? Confess your sins here and be absolved. Perhaps a midnight wake up left you scrambling for something quick, or you were at a party with a j going around, maybe you haven't found the right vape and your splitting duties, or even if you were vaping and something went wrong, confess here and come back to the brotherhood/sisterhood of vaping.

I'll start, forgive me vape father for I have combusted, Its been 2 days since I smoked. It was Canada day and I was celebrating with my cousin, I've been without a torch for my Dynavap and bringing anything that needs to be plugged in is pretty much a no go 🙅‍♂️ unless I bring a extension cord. Rather than bringing a backpack full of accoutrements I fell into the trap of convenience. My penance is a few days t break, and I'll say a few hail vapey's for good measure. And yes I am a lapsed catholic but still believe confession is good for the soul.
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I'll start, forgive me vape father for I have combusted, ...


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A week ago.... I had to do a quick quality test and no vape only buddies bowl, got the job done but I could not comment on flavor (until this point I made it 6 years no combustion) since I've been scorned with combustion trying to find the right torch for my wooden vape... I believe its punishment

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This past weekend. :doh: I hadn’t smoked since last October. I went for a pool day at a friends house with the fam. For some reason I decided to take my IQ and packed everything but the damn batteries. My host has lots of combustion pieces but no vapes. Desperate times led to desperate measures. Oh well. I wasn’t going for a record or anything. I just prefer vaping and am usually pretty well equipped. I have convinced myself my throat is soar from it but it’s more likely my allergies.


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Helped my sister in-law move the other weekend, not bringing any vape gear and not planning on consuming. Someone gifted her one of those dispensary "packages" that includes a couple of pre-rolls, a pack of hemp wrap, rolling tray, lighter, small glass spoon and a no-name 8th. Smoking out of the glass pipe brought me back to high school memories. Couldn't taste anything, and inhaled some embers... :uhoh:


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It's been a while. The last time was probably 3-4 years ago when I got a free cone joint with my dispensary purchase. It was made with tangie and I loved walking around with it hanging out of my mouth like I was in college again. It also tasted great just pulling air through it. However the great taste went away the moment I lit it. I still smoked most of it.

I hate the taste of smoking a joint now, but I LOVE the smell of a joint burning. That smell is soooo engrained in my mind. Like it triggers deep primal brainstem feelings in me and takes me back to my youth.

For times when I need to hit it basic and fast I have my little terp pen. Great in the middle of the night or like the other day when I knew I had one brief chance to take a hit before anyone would notice. I had primed the coil with some homemade rosin and put the cover lid on it. Five seconds is all you need.


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My wife who doesn't have any lung issues loves her daily J. I usually partake in one or two. Well with the 'rona we collected all her roaches. We said that when inside dinning was available again we woul roll em all up in to a super cone. Then our favorite local smoke shop got looted. So no big cone. Just rolled 4 super big 1.5 paper J's. Still got one left.

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I took a t-break last month so I cleaned all my vape gear and put it away. I had to deal with some asshole customers at work over July 4th weekend. I came home and rolled a couple joints and had a couple beers. I rolled a few more j's and got out my wife's old glass pipe, we smoked for maybe a week. I still enjoy the primal simplicity of smoking but I just can't stand the stink.
Glad I'm back to vaping. Clean aromas, flavors and effects. Smoke is just gross.

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Sometimes you need to get dirty before you get clean. My last smoke bowl was last week when my cousin had to put one of his dogs down so a somber occasion. I also considered smoking a bowl when I woke up last night since my cousin has my Dynavap and IH, but was able to resist the temptation and just went back to bed, which was hard since I actually don't mind smoking the broken coast bud I currently have it smokes very smooth with descant taste if you half smoke the bowl. Was very happy to have my wake and vape this morning and keep my streak alive lol


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I have a reverse confession - I felt guilty for not combusting. When I got my first vape, I told myself theres no way I could ever give up combustion, I love it too much. I thought a vape would just be a nice compliment to my smoking habits. Then I got my first vape and everything changed. A couple weekends ago I was down the shore with some friends and theres this one guy who is stoned 24/7, so I've always had a smoking buddy when I hang out with this group.

The amount of times he offered me a blunt and I declined, I lost count. Either I wasn't feeling like smoking at that particular time or I was already hitting my vape and didn't want the blunt. He made a few comments like oh, so and so hit the blunt last night but Brian took zero hits. I felt like I broke some sort of unspoken rule, or just guilt for not being social and passing the blunt. OR I felt guilty because vaping did exactly what I was afraid it would do...wipe out the desire to combust completely. Which, I guess is a good thing?


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Oh boy, I shouldn't even share, I feel so dirty... I combust quite often. Never by myself, I don't even own combusting equipment anymore. But my buddies who I fish with quite frequently all are joint smokers. I've tried to convert, and I have converted one, solid. But the rest of my buddies are all in their 50's or 60's and have been rolling joints forever. So when they come along they always bring joints and I don't say no since they are so proud of bringing them. I bring the boat and they bring the weed as payment, I'd feel like a jerk if I refused... but when I pack one up? It's in the Vapcap or sometimes the Pax. Thankfully they no longer all smoke cheap pot, like they used to. Now they all smoke top shelf, so at least there is that.

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Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
Yesterday I was seduced to the dark side, opened up my kief catcher to see what I had and it wasn't a lot but enough to top a few bowls. Then a little voice in my head said " you can just smoke it all" so after little contemplating I decided why not, it's one of my guiltiest pleasures to smoke a nice bowl of kief on top of a small bed of tobacco I'd say I probably prefer it to smoking flower. Then my new shipment of bud arrived and I figured in for a penny in for a pound, so I figured I'd smoke a bowl with my cousin. Grinded up a new strain and we both smoked a bowl and we were both like did I use to much batch? The bud was incredibly bland and tasteless, very smooth and the effects were pretty good but bland. Later that evening back at home I was debating smoking one more bowl but really wanted to see how it would vape taste wise so I fired up the Weedeater. It was not a taste sensation very very mild, too mild to discern anything other then a slight peppermint after taste...... maybe? So basically I'm not missing out on much by smoking that strain lol


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I was in Mexico a few months back. I took my e-nano in case we were fortunate enough to land some local bud and we did. My buddy had brazenly gotten a few joints across the country then across the border but they weren't going to last long. I took my e-nano but decided against bringing a portable for fear of someone going out of their way to make life hard on me (mean people suck) and searching out some hidden residue in a deep dark corner that I might not have been able to clean completely. I'd get up and rock the nano each morning (we had a half oz to get through!) but if we were out for a long day, we'd roll some pinners in the event we found the ocassion to use them. They indeed came in handy on a couple of occasions. The combustion ritual is so engrained in my cells that of course it was like going home. But I can't say I liked it other than that initial pleasure of returning to my roots. I found that I'd plateau when combusting. I'd get to the point of chosing not to consume more because it wasn't adding anything. That's never the case when I vape. Often I end my day with a session as I get into bed 'cause it's so enjoyable. My og combustion buddies still combust. But I never go anywhere without a portable so when we're together, they combust and I vape.


Best I can do is one indiscretion. Launch Box disabled for warranty and no other vape. Brand new to vaping no less and hooked! Took one bong hit and got on the phone to find a backup LB. Found a demo unit not 5 minutes away. Any combustion since have been righteously accidental and regretted. I have no taste to go back. I can make my VC do what my bong did without combusting.

We're closing in on the first anniversary no less. Its been a great ride so far. And I'm gonna keep doing it :rockon:

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Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
Im making a confession for my cousin. He's been giving vaping a go for the past few weeks and he's been daytime vaping and late afternoon early evening starting smoking. He like me is a batch smoker but unlike me that's the only time he has tobacco so his bongs are something of a double edged sword. He's been getting used to vaping, noticing differences and liking it but has so far been unable to stop the cravings for batch. When I saw him yesterday he was talking about getting nicotine gum or mild patches to see if that might help so he can give pure vaping a go. I'm very proud of him and who knows he might beat me to quitting tobacco and become a true combustion fucker before me 😱 I think part of his problem is also he hasn't found the right vape just yet, he's been using my Dynavap and IH, aswell as my crafty. He likes the crafty load size but prefers the hit of the Dynavap. I'm currently waiting on a Chinese bong before I loan him my Weedeater but I think he might prefer the tinymight when I pick one up. Finding that perfect vape can be tricky and can make all the difference. Wish him luck on his journey

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Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
Middle of the night wake up...... quitting tobacco......... demons are screaming at me........... t break ..... so I smoked some cbd and it somewhat cured my woes........ excuse me while I do that again :evil:
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