1. lokiki

    Quitting combustion thanks to vaping

    Hey everyone, as the title may speak for itself. I have been smoking for 12+ years and revently discovered vaping. Needlessly to say it's been so much better than combusting, the effects, the taste and most important the health benefits! A blind man can see clearly now :p I've used to...
  2. J

    Confused about combustion temperature

    First I'll start by stating that I'm mostly interested in vaping concentrate at this time. I read one article saying that anything above 365 degrees was combustion, but the flowerpot, which seems to get some hype on this forum, heats dabs far above that (they recommend above 600 degrees to...
  3. funkyjunky

    delayed combustion of butane vapes due to less oxygen present

    so, the title basically says it. i wanted to discuss a bit about how ppl usually report they can get dark abv and good extraction from butane vapes while avoiding combustion. could it be that, because the heat source is not heated atmospheric air but combustion products like CO2 and H2O. the...
  4. FR0ST

    Inhaled Stainless Steel Smoke (Crafty Liquid Pad)

    Background I've recently turned to vaporizing for medical reasons. For the past few months I've spent hours deliberating over what vaporizer I should buy; mainly using this forum, along with any other information I could get my hands on. My main concern with vaporization is vapor purity, safe...
  5. H

    Do you cough still when vaping vs when you combusted?

    Vaping will rarely make me choke and has only done so once in the last year or so. But sometimes I will hand my vape to a friend and they will cough their lungs out like they just took a bongload. Did you cough when you first started vaping and cough less when vaping now, or still always cough...
  6. N

    Combustion Confessional

    I have a MFLB with PA. I vape like 2-3 trenches a night during the week and use it pretty much all the time on the weekend. The MFLB has been my only way of inhaling THC since I got it on Christmas eve... Minus 2-3 blunts that were very very harsh and not enjoyable. I have been noticing...
  7. lwien

    Why Does Combusted Bud Taste so Awful from a Vape?

    Saw this question posted on another board, and I've always wondered this myself. Combusted weed when "smoked" is not all that great, but it sure as hell tastes better than bud when accidentally combusted through a vape, which tastes just godawful. Any ideas as to why? (Damn, this should...
  8. D

    I love the smell of combusted MJ

    I've been vaping now for 2 weeks. My roommate still smokes MJ and Cigs. I really notice the smell of the cigs now, don't like that much but MAN, when he burns a bowl and that sweet smell lets into the air.... it's almost arousing;)!
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