Buying advice, one for hash, one for discretion


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First time poster, if I´ve done something wrong by posting this here, please let me know.

I´m gonna replace my MFLB, and I hardly ever use my Extreme Q. Looking for some advice before I spend my money. Will be ordering a Ti Grasshopper in a while, but I´ve decided to get something while I wait.

Daily driver:
For light daily use, under 200$, discreet, easy to clean, fast heat up, can pass security controls without too much attention, micro usb. While I wait for the Ti Grasshopper, I find the Pax 2 too expensive, so I´ve narrowed it down to:
1. G pen Elite, 110$ with coupon, retail 169$. This has gotten a lot of good feedback from VaporizerWizard, Wirecutter (I know most of FC disagree with that review) and I like the big chamber, fast heat up and size. Biggest issue for me is that form factor it´s not as backpocket friendly (sturdy) and discreet as Flowermate Mini Pro, and I´d like a drop in screen for the chamber.
2. Flowermate Mini Pro, 99$ with coupon, retail 149$. The design is awesome, as it is easier to pocket and can pass security checks as a power bank. I´m concerned with paintthemoons review where it´s written that heatup time gets longer as the battery gets less juice. Chamber is not as big, and loose sliding covers seem to be an issue.

Portable for weed and hash:
I live in Scandinavia, and in winter getting weed can be impossible, but I have access to decent traditional hash all year round. Because of this, I considered getting a portable that does both, more of a session vape. My options for this is:
1. Haze V3, 175$ with extra XL batteries, retail 249$+29$.. I like the concept of dual tanks, but it´s heavy and bulky, I won´t get this into all clubs.
2. Firefly 2, retail 329$. I like the concept and design more than the Haze V3, but it´s almost twice the price.
3. Haze Square, release date and price unknown. This looks really cool, convection and four chambers, could be worth the wait and seems to be a lot more practical than the Haze V3.

To sum it up, in my situation, which would you get? Which would you stay clear of?


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Have you considered a vapman? Great with traditional hash and very discreet in certain situations. Fits all your criteria. And its great value for money.


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Thanks for the advice, Vapman looks awesome for extended hiking trips without electricity. But not what I´m looking for this time. :)


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Give the boundless cf or cfx a vape for the price hands down..will blow the fm mini out of the watwr everytime..heats up in 20 seconds..not bad taste at all..deinately a winner..the cf is like 110 and the cfx is like 150 with the fc discount and free shipping i believe..


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For a cheap unit but amazing look at the x-max v2/storm,seems to work with hash too....or go with the new Focus for some bucks more!

ps: both are replacable battery units!


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Focus looks nice, but the 17,5cm length makes it less concealable than I would like.
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Alfa is definitly stealthier and taste better but the Focus is cloudier, more t° settings, easier to load/unload, replacable batterie, cheaper, works better with concentrates and taste is nice enough just an hair behind the Alfa.

I think there so much pros for the Focus I would go for it but I still love my Alfa for extreme stealth purpose paired with an awesome taste. Alfa is the tastier (on low) of my actuals or past battery powered conduction vapes, it is only beats by the Inhalater+glass capsule (which is so nice and delicate).

Difficult choice!
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