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Don't know any information yet other than this post.

Coming very soon!

Boundless have always made solid vapes - so could be good.

What would you want in a new boundless unit?

@Boundless Vape Technology any more hints for us!


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Zirconia cooling airpath sounds interesting, iI wonder if it is convection or conduction orientated?


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Another conduction devise would not be too interesting to me.
So im hoping for convection or at least a hybrid.
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Now if they made the Terp Pens USB-C and added a single quartz coil that fit the cap for the original terp pen. They got my money.
Love my Terp pen. When they made the next gen, they went big with the xl model which is bulkier and more shit to go wrong. IMHO they should have gone the other way with the next gen and made a smaller version, since most people want it for stealth and ease of use. I'd also love a quartz coil.


Got one sent over from Boundless today. The teal model. I've only had 2 sessions but I am impressed at the volume of vapor produced at the second heat setting. The device does get hot (like an iq2) during back to back sessions but I was never worried about getting burnt. Not generally a conduction guy but I could see this being great for using while mowing the lawn, yardwork, etc.

Teal Vexil

Boundless Vape Technology

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you @oddjobold for getting this posted and thank you to those who reached out with interest! We have been able to get a few Vexils out to the community and we have been hearing some great positive feedback so far. The Vexil is technically the next iteration in the CFC lineup, which has been some of our more popular models, and it is the first of the next generation in the Boundless lineup. This is also my (Eric) first unit to be released as Director of Product Development. We are very excited about this one and we hope you all are too.

Our new Vexil features a conduction heating system with 4 preset temperatures aimed for high temp lovers and those transitioning from combustion. Some main improvements include a metal shell, a zirconia cooling spiral that sits in a zirconia air path, and a 1800mAh internal battery that is USB-C rechargeable. The medium-sized ceramic heating chamber holds up to 0.4 of a gram and the unit includes two air intake vents that are fully isolated from all electronics. It is palm-sized and extremely travel-friendly. Some other notable features are its magnetic mouthpiece, easy to load mouthpiece, and stealth mode which allows use without the lights on. I have been averaging 5-8 sessions on a full battery, depending on the heating level, with a recharge time of about 45 minutes.

The Vexil will retail for $119.99 and can be found here. It is shipping this week! -

Instagram live demo -

Thank you all for the continued support and if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me on here or email me at I am also happy to demo this unit for anyone that would like to see it in action.


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It looks pretty cool, but huge. Conduction, non replaceable battery, and no cleanable airpath is a bummer in TYOOL 2021. (Unless the two holes in the loading ramp are for screws to remove that part for deep cleaning?)
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I'm not sure anyone is asking it but me, as evidenced by most of the portable vape industry.

using it in a dusty environment like a coal mine.

You mean like half the year with pollen season, or a dirty street outside, people smoking cigarettes around you in a place you'd normally social vape, or the general particulates in the air, or just the herb dust that falls below, or the skin cells from your hand when you rub your finger across the vents, or the lint dust in your pocket when you carry it?

It's not that hard to allow access rather than letting everything be a sealed unit. It's a design choice.


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There is much more blowback than we imagine. Try to disassemble and have a look at the internals of your old vapes, you'd be surprised. There's kief everywhere, fine particulates, it's a mess. Even on conduction vapes like the good old FlowerMate v5 range, but also on any RBT vape or the MistVape ones etc.


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Hi, I was glad Boundless vapes sent me a Vexil for tests, and a Tera also.

About the Vexil, it comes in a good packaging including all the usuals usefull tools and replacement parts. It's a conduction based device with a large ovale ceramic bowl. 4 T° settings. Built-in battery.

I like the shape and building quality (body is metal), I like the ceramic cooling system (the same than the Flowermate Cap) and full ceramic vaporpath. It's very easy to carry in a pocket, it's just a little thicker than a phone (11x4.7x2.4cm).

Taste is the average conduction taste, battery life is decent but not exceptionnal (4/5 bowls) but charge is quick enough (USB-C), no bad factory taste to speak about.

I don't like so much the fire logo, it changes of color when you change settings and it's the battery jauge but isn't accurate for that imho. You can disable it though. As well I found the heat settings too high and I usually use only the 2 lowest settings.

At the end it looks like a pretty decent conduction unit I would recommand as a simple on the go option, I don't know the retail price but I think it's not more than 100$.

Thanks for Boundless vapes, I never tested any vapes from the BNDS gear before ... it was a nice test!


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Just received a Vexil. Thanks BNDLSTECH Team. My initial impressions is that it reminds me of my old flip-phone. That's NOT a bad thing for me as I miss the simplicity of that period of life. Nice solid feel to it.Shoult have named it the Tank! On inspection has some great features like most high end conduction units. The Zirconia heat sink is a functional touch. As we know with many small conduction units the vapor can be a bit hot. The USB-C pathway gives it a pretty quick charge time-too about 30 minutes from what ever level it was when recieved . Im running some burnoffs as I speak so Ill leave my comments a bit later on performance.


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So I took the Vexil for a spin last night and here are my impressions.Very nice feel/quality for the price-like higher priced units! Small enough but not so small to be difficult to operate. Features easy to operate and change when needed. I started with a medium grind, lightly packed, on the second(purple) setting for the start of the first session. Pretty decent taste/vapor production for a conduction unit-similar to higher priced units like Pax 3/DaVinci IQ. Unit sayed fairly cool- not too hot through the session.Finished up on (blue) second setting. ABV nice coffee color with no burnt bits. Compareing this unit to the CFC units its a big improvement for me. Much Better air flow and better/cooler taste thanks to the Zirconia bits in the mouthpiece I assume. I'll be honest Im really an on demand Convection vape kind of guy, but the convenience is undeniable.Very stealthy-looks like my old Motorolla flip phone. This will be my new on the go vape for adventures out biking, skiing,hikes, motorcycling......etc. Thanks again Eric and the BNDLSTECH Team for chance to review this unit!
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The more I use this vape the more I like it. Not using a pure conduction vape for a while Its taking me a little getting used to. The most important being loading the unit. I'm finding a medium / coarse grind just poured in and VERY lightly tamped with a finger works best. Im really liking the flavor/vapor of the, second, purple setting. When I do this I'm getting 4 nice flavorful draws before the taste gets more robust- if that makes sense .No stir required! The zirconia heat sink seems to work well with decent temperatures. The mouthpiece does get a bit warm-but nothing unlike that other conduction vapes get, but doesnt affect vapor temps much IMO. Battery life is very good at about 5-8 sessions per charge. That is on the lower setting-your mileage may vary!
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