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Apologies for the late reply to this.
The post just above yours has some information about temps for "dabbing".
I understand that the power delivered to the terp pen's coil is measured more in watts (though the three colored settings on the XL are described as the 'equivalent' to temp settings). Can you tell us, roughly, what temps we are using when we use the terp pen? And the XL's 3 settings?

My apologies for the late reply to this. The OG Terp Pen is set to max out at 390C/734F. This is the same as the Terp Pen XL on the green setting of 3.7V.

The Terp Pen XL max temperatures are as follows -
Blue setting: 3.3V, 370C/698F
Green setting: 3.7V, 390C/734F
Red setting: 4.0V, 415C/779F

The unit increases in temperature as the user is drawing on the mouthpiece so the first few seconds of the draw are going to be lower than the maximum temperature. It is possible to obtain a lower temperature dab if you are inhaling a few seconds at a time per hit and not the full 10 seconds. I hope this helps clarify.


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Just got the og Terp Pen a week ago. My god am I having fun with it. $29 at sneakypetes including an extra pair of coils. Over the weekend I tried it with Zweet Insanity golden honey, Kitchen Sink wax, Ninja Fruit crumble, and Super Critical shatter. Thing works like a dream. Hooked it up to my big double perc bubbler with a dabcap for smoother hits. Tried loading it with a nice dab on a tiny spatula tool applied like plaster or butter. Tried dipping into the soft honey and the crystaline shatter--both work great. Since I often get stoned alone, I really like the fact that a dip or a dab is usually all gone in one hit. No, the hits aren't milky, but they sure are fun and convenient. For $29 I've already had enough fun to feel satisfied even if the thing broke tomorrow. And I've still got two new coils. Great fun. Cheap thrills!
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