Best portable vape for 300 or less?

Hello everyone! I really wanna get serious with vaporizing because I don't like the risks of combustion. I'd like to get a very very nice vaporizer that will last me at least a couple of years. Something rugged, with a decent sized oven. Something with superb flavor and vapor quality. What does everyone suggest? I'd love to hear from everyone!

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I just ordered an Apollo2, I have high expectations from this beauty in all catgories you have mentionned


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Haze v3 is a good start and backup

Clouds when packed in the herb canisters finely grinded are as good as my evo
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Tubo Evic.

on demand/session hybrid portable. full convection. can microdose or pack up to .3~.4g effectively.

great taste, clouds and efficiency. on demand temp control convection is nice. on demand temp control convection in a portable with the ability to also do sessions is amazing.
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I second the tubo. You can read about it in the unreleased portable section even though it's available. I had a Haze 3 and ended up donating it a few months ago. It just couldn't compare to the tubo. (Nor could the others I donated including the boundless, firewood, air, flowermate and a few others)
You're going to get recommendations from all of us on our favorites and those will vary.
The vapcap if you want inexpensive and are ok with butane.
The arizer solo is a solid and good beginner vape but I think the solo 2 is more than your price range.
Still if I could have only 1 vape it would be the tubo.

You didn't mention if you want portable or not. If not the vapor brothers is a great vape and people have had them for years. Or one of the logs (underdog and enano are a bit less than the woodscent but all 3 are great). They are virtually indestructible.
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I am very biased. But everyone here at 7th Floor loves the SideKick vaporizer. No one looks more dangerous, rugged, and romantic than someone holding a SideKick vaporizer. We find this to be fact, but we know some opinions may vary.

16-inch vapor path, removable batteries, 11-heat settings, perfect size chamber, built-in stir-stick. Pick your color, there are 7-to chose from. I like purple. Dry herbs, concentrates, it does both!:love:

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I just noticed that your price range is higher than I thought. The tubo is about $200. You could get a nice one and a vapcap.
But as mentioned the solo 2 is in your price range. I gave away my solo because it was too restrictive for me but the 2 is supposed to be less restrictive.
I don't have any 7thfloor products but I know people really like the SSV. You might read the sidekick notes and see what others say about it.
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