vapor quality

  1. G

    Comparing Vaporizers

    Hi, i want to buy a new vapo since i destroyed mine yesterday(...) So, does anyone know how these compare in terms of cloud quality and everything else?: 1.Flowermate pure Hit (is it 3in1?) 2.Zema Pro 3.V2 pro series 3x 4.Ago G5 3 thanks a lot in advance, youre really helping me
  2. S

    Best portable vape for 300 or less?

    Hello everyone! I really wanna get serious with vaporizing because I don't like the risks of combustion. I'd like to get a very very nice vaporizer that will last me at least a couple of years. Something rugged, with a decent sized oven. Something with superb flavor and vapor quality. What does...
  3. chrisasmith75

    Arizer Solo or Arizer Air for vapor quality, build quality, and reliability.

    I had a An Arizer Air a few months ago which i unfortunately had to sell for money. I absolutely loved the quality and and vapor i got from it. I am in the market for a new vape and I am wondering if i should get the air again or if i would get better quality vapor from the solo. The air is...
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