Anyone ever suspect their dispensary is lying about their product stats?


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@grokit your concerns are my own about dispensaries. In the end, I've found a couple places and processors that I trust who always send product out for testing. But in the end, it's the people I count on more than the objective testing numbers.

But concerns over the chain of custody of my medicine like you have, and the fact that concenrates are an easy place to hide contaminated product that should have gone in the garbage.


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Study: Marijuana Genetics Often Mislabeled
Posted by Johnny Green at 6:30 AM on September 4, 2015Marijuana Business News

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Strains of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica possess relatively few significant genetic differences and are often mislabeled by breeders, according to an evaluation of marijuana taxonomy published online last week in the journal PLOS ONE. Investigators from the University of Manitoba, the University of British Columbia, and Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia evaluated the genetic structure of a diverse range of commonly cultivated marijuana and industrial hemp samples. Researchers reported, “We find a moderate correlation between the genetic structure of marijuana strains and their reported C. sativa and C. indica ancestry and show that

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I recently got some really nice batch of Yoda OG that was claimed to be tested between 32-35%.. It looked, smelled, felt, and seemed phenomenal, but I was expecting at least an extra full vapor hit off my normal sized load, and it wasn't there :\.. IMO you can get a decent idea about how much more or less cannabinoids are in one bud vs another by seeing how much vapor they make when used w/ the same vape, in the same amounts, same grind, same conditions, etc..

IMO the Yoda OG I got was more comparable to buds that would probably test in the low 20% range, if I had to guess.. Not bad herb, but it was w/o a doubt not in the 30% area.. Just some average good herb.. With my log and normal sized GonG load, I was able to Barely get 2 full hits from one load :\.. It can be hard to gauge just by the looks sometimes..

I had some Jupiter OG recently that wasn't tested at all, and that shit made a ton of vapor!
Using my log and GonG with the typical herb quality I see (~22% +/-), plus the load/grind size I usually use, I can typically get ~2 good hits, and maybe 1/4 of a 3rd hit....
but the Jupiter gave 3 solid hits, and 1/2 of a 4th hit!!! That stuff was super bomb.. Super smooth and tasty vapor too :tup:

IMO those stats often seem to be rated too high in general, across the board.. Take them w/ a grain of salt.. I tend to just go in to dispensaries and say "Show me what you think is the best herb you have right now", and then I'll look around to see if I can find anything better :smug: Most all Bud-tenders usually don't know shit about anything at all :lol: although they're convinced they do, and they'd love to convince you they do too :lol: :rolleyes: Fucking Rookies :smug: ;)
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Even if it's tested at 35% I had some atomic og up in that area, I feel it could be straight up colas they sent in so your product could be inferior by 10% give or take. I also noticed extremely potent dense sticky buds, produce a harsher whispy vapor even when grinded into powder at low temps. (Results at low temps are poorer, chlorophyll pigments stay hit after hit).
So lab results can vary. I wish they would send in the whole plant like many a growers.


I just started going to dispensaries just almost a year ago. Ive never tried growing cannabis so I don't have much knowledge in that area. I only know what I've read or from questions I've asked. Sometimes the folks at the dispensaries don't even know that much. They get their info from Leafly like I do. I've learned a wealth of info on FC. Also just trying different strains and figuring out what works for pain.

Some of the cannabis strain seed companies are suggesting that some of their strains are 30% THC level. I think some misinformation starts there. I have a strain and it's a good one, but I don't believe it's 30% THC and online it's suggested it is. It's called Pitbull.

Doesn't a lot have to do with how a certain plant was grown and if the person growing knows what they are doing? Also growing outside verses inside? It looks like indoor cannabis costs more when I go to the MMJ Farmers Market. The outdoor was cheaper.
I won't say too much about this however lying is standard among cultures.
30% come on?
What part of the plant?
Bottom top middle or from the cola?
The lab result may be actually correct it's where the sample was taken!

Outdoor verses in door?

Out side in the tropics is still better than indoor!

Indoor is for iffy soil lack of sunshine in a area to cold to grow naturally!

I've done both indoor and outdoor and it depends were you live.

As far as bud tenders they are not medical professionals!

When 1oz of cannabis is less Than $40 we will have more reliable information!


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Not to mention that 30% was BEFORE they tumbled all the trich heads off. If you have a jewelers loupe or decent magnifier have a good look at your killer top shelf dispensary flower. A good chance you'll see lots of hairs and very few gland heads on the outside...


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Anyone ever suspect their dispensary is lying about their product stats?

Folks in retail telling a lie to a customer, it ever never happens.


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This topic is about weed but doesn't directly pertain to vaporization so I posted it here. If it belongs anywhere else, feel free to move it.

So, as the topic's asking - have you ever suspected a dispensary is lying about the quality of their product?

I've been frequenting a popular dispensary in Seattle for a long time, and noticed that over the course of a year, they've doubled the THC stats on their in-house hash and raised the stats on the weed too. Hash that used to be around 40-50% THC content is now all floating around 80-90%, and I personally never noticed any difference in how high it got me. I further thought about it - and why would they increase the THC content of their products without raising the price? This dispensary I frequent basically is saying their in-house $20 hash is on par with $45 third-party hash (Pure Gold, for example). It doesn't really make any sense to me, unless they just wanted to make it seem like they're some sort of super-dispensary with products that have really high stats relative to all other dispensaries in the area.

I'm not a scientist - I don't have a lab and there's no way I can really test it, so all I can do is talk about it with other people and raise suspicions. Is there any regulation for this sort of thing? Or can any dispensary just make up any stats they want regarding the product they're selling?

What do you guys think?
I know im a few years late to the topic but im suspecting something with the flower out here in southern california/imperial county/calexico El centro area...There are 3 dispensaries i go to out here (i live in Yuma AZ but i travel into California to Calexico/El Centro to buy weed) and i always check out their online stats about what products they have and what the thc levels are on their flower...WELL...latly ive been seeing the exact same products at 2 different stores that have different thc values...and one lady who works for one of the dispensaries told me that some labs are in cahoots with dispensaries for kickbacks if they fudge the numbers a little.

For example, lately ive been smoking this brand called "Pacific Stone" (wedding cake/805 Glue) and its a very decent brand for the price/effect i feel from it. At this one place I go to, the 805 glue is 21% THC and has it listed the same on all the other 1/4 ounce packs, BUT at the other shop, its listed at 26% THC...there are multiple other brands that do this as well...Herb&Zen brand had a wedding cake that listed at 36% THC but the shit barley got me high and looked outdoor and shitty...i think a lack of regulation is causing this...i wonder who i should report it to?


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This is one of the main reasons I've started focusing on smaller dispensaries, rather than the one's in my state with several locations. I imagine sending in the best nug of a hundred pound yield does not give accurate representation of the mean potency. I'd rather have lower potency and well taken care of product though. Especially when vaporizing I focus more on quality than (THC) quantity.


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Here in Florida the specs change constantly for the same strain. The specs can change for the same strain even at the same dispensary. There's nothing wrong or shady ... its just the inconsistency of mother nature and a new grow that ends up with differing specs. There are also different growers growing the same strain and the grow may differ.

I don't know if its done the same way in other states but there is a batch number associated with the product here in Florida. If I saw the specs change but the batch number stayed the same I'd definitely think something was up...... but if the specs change and so does the batch number I don't worry.

I recently demanded my money back because an edible was supposed to contain 100mg THC but the label said 85mg. The district manager told me I wasn't the only one who was complaining and that they had contacted and complained to "production" about it. So even the dispensary was using the label specs.

A dispensary/MJ company could lose their reputation or their business by shorting quantity or quality by hiding behind a false test result. So could the testing company. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but my guess is its more likely to happen if a company is hurting and is trying to survive.


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I used to live right up the street from a dispensary in Salem, OR. Did most of my shopping there right after it became legal, until it got bought out and new ownership ran it into the ground.

I chatted with the original owner a few times. Overheard her one day talking about THC numbers. I commented on how I had tried stuff I had seen labeled at 30% or higher and it didn't really feel any different to me. She told me that one of her competitors had been college roommates with the guy operating the lab that tested his product. She figured that was good for at least an extra 5% per batch.


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In QC the state dispensary is shit, sells for 10$ a gram basically shake with 1% thc. and they call it 20% thc. I looked on a jar once and there was a typo... it calculated to 0.02% thc instead of the stated 20% (truth, I thought!) because I could vape the whole jar and still not feel it. ohhh and the producers named their strains to something else. I think it is glorified hemp, really, not real strains

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Decriminalisation is a bad joke played on all of us by people who hate us.

At least people don't get their lives destroyed over a plant.... but in every other aspect this is abominable. Clinical dispensaries and the Leafly sterile "scientific" style is pure excrement. Breaking the plant down to cannabinoids and terpenes ; fucking tasteless cartridges with PEG and fuck knows what else; insane prices and lots and lots of bullshit by enterpreneurs that used to be shitty dealers now turned "legit"; moneymakers with zero connection to the plant..... I don't know about the US but in other countries getting a licence to grow even just CBD weed requires mega bucks so that only the big sharks can do business....

fuck all this - grow your own and/or keep the black market going!
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