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A question to those of you that are consuming hash through the Anvil.

Are you packing it with cotton or with flower?

I either do the same as was said above, with the conduction patch of the XL Bowl and I put flower over it. It's a great technique and I've enjoyed it with wax, hash and kief.

I also enjoy mixing with it flower in the regular bowl.


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I especially like to trip to Anville with mixed herb and hash in the Xl mouthpiece, through dry glass like this short GVB j-hook (with beads and spikes).
A fresh and vaporous density!

I need to get me some hash and play some more with it. I played around with a bit of hash but i should try and get more into some hash. I started gettin more into hash when i was working with a mechanic who fixes the printing machines, he was older and a hash man. I quit smoking cigarettes about 5 years ago or so and stopped getting hash as i didnt want to mix it with weed, i want to get the full flavour and experience of the hash alone. I am going to try and find my vape cotton ( hopefully i didnt throw it out) and i will try with some hash. or just hash on the hot plat of the XL. The have chamber works well too


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Thin layer hemp fiber top and bottom of bowls.
Here’s the degummed hemp fiber I use in all my vapes that is back in stock. It’s in Canada and they don’t take CC’s Interact e-transfer only(bummer). I searched for 3 years to find a good source of hemp fiber and unless I order from Europe this is only place I found. It works good in DV’s, Anvils, Sticky Bricks and most vapes and I’m still working through my vapes finding best use. If the hash is soft and oily I sometimes do layers of hash so that it doesn’t ball up and stick together where the heat doesn’t penetrate for full extraction.

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I don't wrap the hash, as too much cotton affects airflow. I just put a tiny amount into the chamber, against the back screen. Fill with hash, the. Put another tiny layer of cotton over the hash before screwing in the chamber.

Performs great. I don't ride the line straight away, as I can get plenty of really tasty vapour heating half way down for a few heat cycles.
I went ahead and purchased an induction heater from vaphotbox.

I'm excited to get it in.

There's videos on their Instagram of the Anvil heating up in 30sec with what seems like full extraction.

Anyone else planning to give this a spin?

I just received mine the other day. It working great so far, maybe added a cycle or two over using a torch.

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Just like the Dyna, the Anvile’s airflow opens up a bit with a standard screen. I do wish the WPA had airflow control.
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