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Ok fellow VASers what was the top vape(s) in your hand the most in 2021?

For me it was the DC Elev8R (Coil Driven Elev8R) I got from Scott over @VGOODIEZ. DC Elev8R Coil Driven Elev8R 1.png DC Elev8R Coil Driven Elev8R 2.png

This ticked a lot of boxes for me. Gives me huge hits and easy to clean. Heat up time is about 5 min. I typically am running it between 480 and 500F.

The other most reached for item for me isn't a single vape but instead the @Timberhead Vape Play Set. This station gets used frequently. It gorgeous and always works.

Timberhead 1.png Timberhead 2.jpg Timberhead 3.png


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The Dynavap 21M with the smallest bowlsize for microdosing. In my opinion the best M so far, because it combined the best of the 19M (the rocker) and the 2020M (cooler vapor, 10mm fit for a waterpiece and an adjustable bowlsize). I know there are a lot of people that adore the 19M tip for fast extraction, but I prefer a slower temp stepping session and the 21M is better suited for that purpose.

The Dreamwood Glow is also in heavy rotation: quick and tasty convection hits, lots of stem options (wood, cooling mouthpieces, waterpiece adapter, etc.), loading options (in the wooden stem, basket screen or dosing pod) and it's great for at home and on the go.

I bought the Elev8r rig version this year and wow, the taste, smoothness and medical effects blew me away! If it had a microdosing bowl I would use it way more.

Edit: The holy Vapman, can't forget that one! Taste is insane, it extracts so great and aesthetically it's so unique.
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My milaana 3 was my most reached for vape this year. Easy to use and maintain with a beast of a heater, it was the vape i used the most to introduce people to vaping and the one i always reached for at the end of a long night when i just wanted to get mindlessly and completely stoned.


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the original sapphire evaporator for sure 😁



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At the start of the year, the fw7 never left my side. Then I got a tafee bowle and it pretty much took over for a couple weeks. Then I landed a Mi3 and rarely touched anything else. Then I got psyched on 510's and was only hitting the splinter and glow. Paired the glow with the combi galdolf stem and really put everything else down. Then the Zion M came, then the Halo arrived...
all in all, I think the RBT's probably got then most use.
Was a good year.


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Woodscents for solo dosing at home, SSV for sharing or longer sessions... Or when I let my tolerance get a little out of hand.

Omni + IH is my roadtrip go-to, but for general portable use the Starry V3 has been a surprise favorite.

I also bought a JetDryV this year but rarely use it, the bowl is ENORMOUS and I just prefer the consistency of the SSV when I'm looking for higher doses.

Once or twice I reached for my bronze vaporgenie or vapman, just special occasions for those ones these days but I still love them.

My Arizer EQ stayed in the closet all year I believe. I thought it would be my party vape but I just end up passing the Starry around.

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Tinymight & Firewood7, similar to my 2020 haha although Cloud Connoisseur Halo has made up for a lot of lost time in the past few months... Also Collyland OAB saw plenty of action this year as well, before Halo arrived along with so much China glass for me lol


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This was an all concentrate year for me. I give thanks for my access to quality wax, resin and sauces.

My main method was wrapping a dab in cotton through a dynavap with an IH. But for most of this year I have been using my Core erig from Crossing. It still seems a bit embarrassing to have a mass produced chinese vape as my DD, but the Ti bucket with limited but effective temp choices and water bubbler all in one small package just works so well for me. I have never tried any other more expensive erigs, but the Core works great for half the price. I am looking forward to Divine Tribe's new V5 heater and its compatability with his upgraded Core 2. Soon to come.

I must also put in a plug for my little OG Terp pen. I have two others still unopened because this little guy keeps going. I replace the tips every so often rather than try and clean them. It is a discreet, reliable blaster of quick hits. A Ti bucket is a much better experience, but the purpose of my TP is quick hits by the bedside, in a parked car, on a beach blanket, in the garage and it does that so damn well.
It is the best $20 I have ever spent in the world of vaping, hands down. Drop mic...walk away :p


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2021 was yet another year in the reign of the Flower Pot dynasty and I don't think it's getting knocked off the throne anytime soon. I did get a Yocan Uni Pro and dip my toe back into the cartridge world, it's been very enjoyable just being able to hit on the go without worrying about loading or clean up like with my other portables.


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Bought a Splinter V2 mostly bc you still could and haven’t put it down in months. FW7 had a solid run before that.

Moved to a legal state so have also been (lightly) experimenting with extracts. Love the Terp Pen otg, but FC did not steer me wrong on live rosin carts— the Uni Pro is the business.

All in all, it’s been a great year for flavor.

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All of them. In all honesty,I have to think every evening which I'm going to use and so much choice during the day.
Is it TM morning followed by a few midmorning dv's or shall I go with the M22 and a bit of lovely rosin.
If I'm out and about (rarely these days) I might take the crafty plus and my coil king.
If I'm in the fields it's a DV and ih (but which stem.more decisions).

And then the part of the day I love. Evening time is desktop time. So is it vapbong or b1 or dcup or all 3.

I'm not trying to show off my vapes. Just trying to emphasise that there has never been a better time to be a vaper with such Fantastic choices. And I don't have a p80 or firewood or elv8r or a lots of other wonderful offerings.

Right, my b1 is at temp so it's Friday evening mong session....

Enjoy the weekend folks. It's horrible weather here so the fire is lit and the kids playing some Wii games so boss and myself necking long Island Ice teas in a different room.....


Have you heard about the boom on Mizar 5?
Anyone know of a good source for the Yocan Uni Pro online? Maybe with a BF discount?

I got mine here because it was about the same as anywhere else and I dug the super special splatter skin on it vs the solid colors of the non wulf units. It does look like they do have a slight discount on it now but with less color options then they used to.

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