Xmax Stash Box GIVEAWAY!!

    Hi FC Family, we added a new item in our gear, it's the Xmax Stash Box, this box have a locking system and comes with a few usefull accessories for every fan of vaporizers. This Giveaway is your chance to win one of these boxes. To enter simpy reply to the following question: "What do you...
  2. PPN

    Xmax Qomo Giveaway

    First 2022 Giveaway to date! Prize is a Qomo kit + 2 Qomo Quartz bucket atties! To enter simply post here in order to say if you would like to see the Qomo Quartz bucket atty to be available in your country/state/city. One entry/post per member and if you don't feel safe to mention your...
  3. TheFacter

    XMax Starry going out, what vape to go to from here?

    I bought the Xmax Starry about a year ago. 6 months into having it, I started having an issue where the battery door is messed up somehow and the battery only makes a connection if you apply force. I warrantied it, and now it's happened again. Instead of paying another $30 for the warranty, I'm...
  4. cobra505

    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    So XMax Just came out with this unit called the Starry, looks pretty good. Thoughts https://www.planetofthevapes.com/products/x-max-starry-vaporizer
  5. mrweed

    Xmax Vital Vaporizer (was Xvape)

    This is the forthcoming new herb vaporizer by Topgreen, the company behind the Xmax and Xmax V2. All the infos I have right now are on the picture above. They also have a new wax pen called v-one.
  6. T

    First Conduction Vaporizer Suggestions

    Hello, I have recently decided to switch over to vaporizer from combustion, but I need a bit of help for taking the first step. I have done a bit of research on devices so far, and I have narrowed it down to about two. I am willing to look at others, but I mostly want to focus on these. I am...
  7. t-rext

    Glass options for xmax

    Hey folks! My first vape purchase was an X-max v2 a few months back (before the interface/button push overhaul, but still with the 5min timeout). I've really enjoyed it. I'm totally new to vaping and to MJ - started to enjoy MJ recently but never liked smoking, so started looking for a vape...
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