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  1. Jill NYC

    Pax - All Models

    I figure these can be combined since the 2 & 3 are so similar and the OG is discontinued but some may still want to discuss somewhere. The old threads can be found here:
  2. D

    Which is the lesser evil of this 5 available vape?

    Hello, guys I am from malaysia, and I want to try out vaporiser. Unfortunately there is a very very limited supply of vaporiser and these are the only on that I see is sold online is this 5. Which would be the least of the evil? Yocan Vane Airis Herbva 5G G pen elite Anlerr Gvape BLK nova...
  3. D

    Building a refillable pod vape out of titanium

    I have been obsessed with this idea about a refillable pod vape for cannabis oil. There are pod vapes but you can't fill it with your own shit. Also, they're always hella expensive and only available in legal states. But imagine this, a vape the thickness of an iphone made of titanium and glass...
  4. DCLZ34

    Will I be okay if I vape dry herbs in my room?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I've been a combuster for a few months and decided to go vape for health purposes. Now since it is cold this time at night (20-30 degrees), would I be able to vape in my room if I put a towel under my door. I'll have the windows open and a fan blowing the air out...
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