1. B

    High times isomerizer process

    I cant find a working method of isomerizing CBD to THC using sulfuric acid for The solvent. Ive seen it discussed in other forums but what is the exact recipe? How many minutes do you reflux the cbd in ethanol and how much H2SO4 is used? Are there any other tricks for removing sodium...
  2. C

    Suspiciously clear "THC" vape juice

    Hi everyone at FuckCombustion forums. *** Bottom line, I got this suspiciously clear (colourless & cloudy) and I am wondering if it is synthetic. *** <Story> This is long enuf as it is, so I'll get to the point. I live in the UK where Cannabis has been...
  3. iloveCBD

    How long does THC stay in your system?

    For those of us still in states where there is a drug test for employment can benefit from this very resourceful guide with a lot of insights for heavy smokers and beginners. Enjoy:
  4. S

    Clear THC ejuice

    I have this ejuice that is totally clear, tastes like coconut (may be flavor added), its the same viscosity as VG or PG and its potent as hell, I mean like 2 decent puffs will put anyone in a 2 - 4 hour coma. I can buy this stuff in Australia but I have been looking for a recipe to make it...
  5. JCharles

    Kief and Cannabinoid Degredation

    Saw @Lookatmeglow s post on Instagram today about collecting kief and it got me thinking. We know that cannabinoids degrade over time - oxygen, light, humidity and temperature all play a role. For example, THCA when exposed to heat will decarb into THC and the THC when exposed to heat or...
  6. P

    thc liquid for ecigs/tanks

    I had a clear liquid. No colour. We mixed it 1ml "thc liquid" to 10ml eliquid. My friend was getting it off a guy and he said it was terpenes. It got me really high and replaced smoking bud for months. So much cheaper and because it had no odour and smelled of whatever ejuice i had i could smoke...
  7. Vapoleon

    Nearly 0% THC Sativa

    Hello everybody! Any of You has or had any experience with legal cannabis sativa, i mean, the "industrial" THC free, but rich in CBD and rich in all the other components? I'm very curious about this one: I'd be very happy for any...
  8. K

    What to Look For in E Cig To Be Used With THC?

    I'm looking for advice on a disposable e cigarette to be used for thc oil. What should I be looking for? What type of coil, what temperature, etc. My goal is to not have to blindly buy a handfull and need test each one of them without first narrowing down the pool of options. To clarify, I'm...
  9. Hobbess

    THCA - THC Conversion While Vaporizing

    . Does anyone know the THCA to THC conversion percentage while vaporizing. In the Nova Decaboxylation thread people are talking about decarbing their bud before vaporizing it, I wonder if that`s necessary or if vaporizers are leaving a lot of THCA unconverted. I tried vaping oven decarbed bud...
  10. FR0ST

    Guide: How to Decarboxylate 1:1 CBD:THC Cannabis

    The Goal To decarboxylate 1:1 CBD/THC cannabis to produce maximum THC & CBD potency, whilst minimizing the production of CBN. Background I've been doing some pretty extensive research on the best possible process to turn 1:1 CBD/THC cannabis into an active tincture. I found that solid...
  11. P

    Ejmix and Wax. Best tank setup?

    Hello! I've gained quite a bit of knowledge from this site and have gotten as far as making the perfect EJmix/Wax blend. I'm very happy with this method of smoking as it is very discreet and convenient. I have one Kangertech tank for nicotine e-juice and another (Kangertech sub tank mini) for...
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