1. RiskyRaccoon

    Preserving Terpenes?

    I'm finding myself stuck between two schools of thought regarding filtration and terpenes: 1. Too much percolation/water filtration will cause terpenes to be absorbed by the water, or being cooled so much that they stick to the glass 2. Too much air in a piece will cause loss of terpenes...
  2. T


    Reading and skimming through various threads, I am concerned about my terpenes. From what I read previous to joining this forum, “terpenes are terpenes”. It doesn’t matter if they come naturally from cannabis or fruits (such as lemons). Various users on this forum seem to think otherwise. Not...
  3. T

    Terpenes and vape tanks

    I am new to trying terpenes with my cbd isolate. My cbd oil (pg/vg) works great in my Baby Beast, no problems. I purchased harlequin from Terpene Botanicals and about a week later, my rubbers have expanded and the tank is leaking. Someone else in a group I’m on also had the same problem but with...
  4. M

    DIY CBD Vape Juice with terpenes

    Hello Guys :) I saw a lot of resources & info on this forum, thanks for being so thorough! I understand that you are not so much into vaping CBD Eliquids but i would be grateful if someone has a feedback to share. I plan to make my own cbd vape juice, for now i have mainly been using the e...

    Tek Hops + Weed rosin

    Has anyone pressed rosin from hops and then mixed with weed? I'm curious as to how it might affect flavor profiles. Being a cousin of cannabis, I'd like to think that hop terpenes could meld well with cannabis terpenes.
  6. ander

    Terpenes: interaction between different herbs

    My interest on terpenes is growing after reading this thread about vaping rosemary. I think that this argument could be very interesting... so I made a new thread instead of posting there. Don't know if the topic fits the Medical Discussion. Move it if I've thought wrong. So terpenes are the...
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