storz and bickel

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    Solid Oak Wood Stand for Mighty - Storz & Bickel

    What do you guys think of this solid oak mighty stand?
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    Stand for Storz & Bickel Plenty

    My friend made me a stand for my Plenty and I'm very happy with it. Half the price of a Delta 3D with a much smaller footprint!

    My session With Both mv1 and mighty!!

    HEY guys just wanted to share my 420 session it was great! i like to use the crucible as a measuring cup for both my mighty and mv1!! happy vaping guys!
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    LSV or Plenty

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a desktop vape to buy. I have tried the pax, air, mighty, and MFLB. I'm looking for something primarily to use between 2-4 people, but ocassionally may use it alone. I decided against the log style vapes due to issues with groups, although the effenciency of them was...
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