1. Angus!

    Can I use an Arizer Solo II for hash?

    I've read that I can, but I tried it on a small bed of weed and I couldn't taste any hash. I heat at 190 degs C. Is that too low for hash?
  2. T

    Arizer or ????

    Hi guys, there has certainly been something similar but here it goes. So i am heavy duty weed smoker, i smoke about 6 -10 times a day and only joints, so i wanna transition to vape mostly to make it healthier. Now from all vapes, i liked either Arizer solo or air, simply because of price...
  3. 2

    Arizer Air 2 vs Vapir Mini Oxygen w/ battery pack

    Which is better? Pros and cons? Would love to hear from someone who has both!!
  4. Vitolo


    What are the odds? I logged in to look at my unread threads. The most recent posts all coincided with my life today. I woke up and determined today to be Chem Dawg day. I started out with my Solo By afternoon I was using the Volcano Early evening I moved onto the MiniVap, and By night I was...
  5. K

    HV3 or Arizer Solo/Air - Best Vapor Smoothness & Flavor?

    Hi everyone! Im brand new here, and I've been learning a lot by reading through the great threads around here. Please excuse me if this happens to have been asked previously, but I couldn't find a thread talking about this specific subject in depth. Im looking into getting my first vape...
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