1. Vaporooni

    Vapor Halogen Wand

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a halogen wand that uses a 20 watt halogen Osram bulb. Powered by a 12 volt adapter purchased on @VGOODIEZ web site that has most of your popular vape gear. The bulb connector wires were replaced with 16g 316L stainless steel wire. The bulb connector is put...

    The Angus Halogen Vape by YLL Vape

    Hello members After long time research and development from scratch, our halogen portable vaporizer coming soon. Here are some features: halogen bulb as heating element convection and radiation heating system 2 replaceable 18650 batteries walnut shell 5 pre setting temperatures long air...
  3. RedEyeFlightControl

    The HighLighter (Glass-Core Open-Source Halogen Log) Kit Hosted by REFC Labs

    Hi all, RedEyeFlightControl here, to introduce the next vaporizer release from REFC-Labs.com and friends! The HighLighTED - The HighLighter Thermal Extraction Device This project took about 6 months and was recently completed by the Scientifically Higher Design Collective (also including...
  4. atadam

    Atadam's Vaporizers

    Greetings from ANKARA! This thread will serve as a showcase for my possible future vaporizers. First working design v1.0.0 (codename: HaloNut) is below. First of all great thx to @Abysmal Vapor for the name and his thread "Halo-log" which have been my main inspiration. A collection 'might' be...
  5. whammy_time

    The Halotron

    Greetings! Intro (since it's my first real post) I've been lurking for a few weeks here as from my various google searches this seems like one of the few goto resources for vaporizing. Other than trying a volcano maybe 4+ years ago, I've always used combustion. I quit smoking cigarettes ~4mos...
  6. G

    Homemade all glass halogen

    My newest idea. It is incredibly simple, easy to make, and it works. Jerb in the center being heated by the $20-odd 250-watt halogen work light from a home improvement store with an inline halogen dimmer switch that i added to the cord. Drill 2 holes, get 2 easy to find glass hoobobbies, put it...
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