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    Argo, Air 2, Fury 2 Or Other?

    Hey dudes! After weeks or looking stuff up I've possibly narrowed down a first vape buy between the Argo, Air 2 and Fury 2 but i need help! Wanting something with: Reparable battery (which is a negative for the fury) Convection / Hybrid heating Noting too big (ie not a mighty) Around...
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    Fury 2 or ArGo?

    Hi, just a typical purchasing advice thread. I tried searching the forums, but didn't really find a lot of great comparisons. Anyway, looking to get a new ultra portable vape with the upcoming 4/20 deals. I'm willing to break the bank and buy the ArGo if it's really better, but I've seen some...
  3. HealthyRips.com

    Discontinued Healthy Rips FIERCE

    Hi All, Welcome to the Healthy Rips FIERCE thread! In this post - we will be introducing our new upcoming Healthy Rips FIERCE convection technology vaporizer. Coming June, 2018! We began the design and development our FIERCE during the summer and we have come a long way since then. We will...
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    Linx Gaia or Fury 2?

    Hey y’all, first post here. I’m in he market for a new vape and I’m torn between the Linx Gaia and Fury 2. A big factor for me was price until I realized I can get both for just about the same price on PuffItUp by using coupon codes. I’ve heard but nothing but good things about the Gaia and many...
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