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  1. H

    Portable vape for European CBD (mainly) user?

    Been spending a lot of time researching trying to figure out which vape should be my first but it only gets harder to choose the longer I look. I'm not a daily smoker, and it's mainly CBD bud with occasional THC usage. I'm in Europe and the prices here are very different from US prices, so...
  2. P

    Where to buy Air Vape Legacy Pro in Europe?

    I'm from Germany and looking to get an Air Max Legacy Pro. Unfortunately it is sold out at the official .eu store. I heard you can get great discounts there and get it below 200€. Do you know any place you can get it at a similarly awesome price if you're located in Europe?
  3. blokenoname

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    When I realized, that there were no Log Vaporizers from the US available in the European shops (due to missing EU CE certification and the connected costs, I guess), and also not willing to take the risk of playing Russian roulette with customs, which might or might not confiscate an imported $...
  4. I

    Ordering a log vape from Europe (Germany specifically)

    Hey all, I've been looking to upgrade from my year old Haze V3 to a log vape simply because of how much the Haze seems to consume for how much it hits me. Quality material is incredibly hard to come by in Germany and also seems to be burning a hole in my wallet lately. After two weeks of near...
  5. tepictoton

    220V enail from Dabben.de?

    So after looking for a long time I finally found a European supplier of an enail set -up. Thaught a long time about ordering from China, but feel a lot more at ease ordering it cost to home in case something goes wrong. So I remembered this site called Dabben.dewhere I once ordered some oil...
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