desktop vaporizer

  1. OnsenLabs

    Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Vaporizer

    Introducing the Desktop Pro Vaporizer!!! By Currently seeking Beta Testers! Here's your opportunity to take part in shaping vaporizer design! Click below to learn more and apply:
  2. ApplePipes

    What is the undisputed champ of the log vapes: Enano or Underdog? Help me decide!

    So I'm currently at a crossroads between an Underdog and an Enano, a predicament that no doubt many log vape users before me have found themselves struggling with. I have spent hours reading through FC and Reddit forums on both products, but I am still not entirely sold on either. If you have...
  3. CanadianFlowers

    How do YOU pour your beer?

    I always pour straight down the middle, knock out all that foam, take a bite of that nice head, never feel bloated or full all night! I get my buddies tho saying like "awwweh dude you f'cked up your beer bro" they just don't understand I guess lol I can drink way more with less carbonation...
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