1. Abysmal Vapor

    Wand Vape a mechanical vaporizer by Black Leaf

    Hello guys ! I want to introduce you this little known flame powered vaporizer from Black leaf /Near Dark,appeared in 2020 . It costs just 45 euro and it works really good. I wanna thank Black leaf CS for sending it for free. I just wanted to find out how much is shipping to my country and there...
  2. E

    How dangerous is un-combusted butane?

    I wanted to talk about what I believe is misinformation on this topic. I have read a ton of posts relating to how butane is "not toxic" and perfectly safe. I have seen many posts created by people asking if butane lighters pose a health risk. The response to all of these posts is "when butane is...
  3. RedEyeFlightControl

    The JetDryV (Wood Oven Module) by REFC Labs LLC

    Hi all, RedEyeFlightControl here, to introduce the first vaporizer release from REFC-Labs.com The JetDryV Gen 3 Wood Oven Module This started as a personal project to design compact, modular oven for a multitude of use cases. The goal was first a highly performant, and second, extremely...
  4. C

    I created a new butane vaporizer

    I started vaping herb a few months ago, and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I live in an illegal state, so in my search for the perfect vaporizer, I couldn’t find one that matched all of my needs; so I created my own. I don’t want to give away too many details, but it’s...
  5. F

    borro beads or quartz beads

    MAIN QUESTION AT THIS POINT. Should I try and where do you recommend purchasing Quartz or borosilicate beads to fit in 18 or 14 mm glass. Hello, I have been playing around with the idea of introducing beads into the air path of a sticky brick style butane vaporizer. this would be similar to the...
  6. CANtalk

    What's the combustion efficiency of a butane jet/torch lighter?

    Does anyone have any scientific sources or links showing/discussing the combustion efficiency of a butane jet/torch lighter or similar? I'm wondering how well they combust the butane fuel source. Typically even good open-air organic fuel combustion efficiency is on the scale of a percentage...
  7. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs JetPack Expansion for StemPod

    Hey PodHeads and FC fam, Dan here again. We have something pretty neat cooking, and we are finally ready to start showing it off. Introducing JetPack: the butane Expansion Pack for StemPod Simply replace the 510 deck with this insert and you have converted your 510 vape into a full...
  8. ronads

    Inhaling butane when refilling lighter?

    Hello, I am loving my new sticky brick jr. I have refilled my honest lighter a few times. I have been doing it next to a open window when purging. I can't go outside as I live on a main road in a flat and I have no garden. I feel a bit funny after refilling, I am just wondering if this is in...
  9. 7thFloorVapes

    Elev8r Giveaway Contest

    Hey Everyone! It’s that time again for a giveaway. We are pleased to announce we will be doing a give away for our newest addition to the 7th Floor Family, The ELEV8R Vaporizer! The ELV8R will include everything you will need to vape dry herbs and concentrates. The kit will include a glass...
  10. H

    Essential oil diffuser safety

    Hey guys I'm just wondering will it be safe for me to use a butane lighter to vape in my room with the door closed window open but also have my essential oil diffuser running at the same time? Sometimes I over do it and put like 10 or more drops when the manual says to put 3-5. I read that some...
  11. muunch


    Hey all, I was given a chance to purchase the Flam vaporizer from @funkyjunky when ordering some extra accessories for my Tubo Evic. It arrived today and I figured I would share some thoughts and very brief/bad pictures video! :tup: I initially posted these on my insta story and then saved...
  12. GreenHopper

    Butane Quality / Lighter Refuelling Technique

    This resource covers two aspects relating to the butane lighters. The quality of the butane The correct technique for using the butane to fill your lighter The quality of the butane The quality of the butane relates to how well filtered it is, the higher the quality the less contaminants are...
  13. Sara

    Gear Did anybody tried Roor Butane?

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine recommended i use ROOR butane http://www.butaneworld.com/butane-fuel/roor-butane Did anybody tried that? Appreciate your feedback :)
  14. funkyjunky

    delayed combustion of butane vapes due to less oxygen present

    so, the title basically says it. i wanted to discuss a bit about how ppl usually report they can get dark abv and good extraction from butane vapes while avoiding combustion. could it be that, because the heat source is not heated atmospheric air but combustion products like CO2 and H2O. the...
  15. SaintSkinny

    Torch/Butane Powered Vapes

    Hey all! I've been in the process of quitting smoking with the help of an E-cig, and its got me thinking I may as well vape my herb too, for Health sake. Im struggling financially so it would have to be a good price, like $50 or so, and Id like to stick to butane/torch powered vapes, just...
  16. ragnorokk

    Help me pick my next butane vape

    Hey guys, I'm looking to decide between the Nimbinvap (like a mini VaporGenie), Lotus, and Supreme. So far I'm leaning Supreme, as my room mate can likely use it without combusting (temp gauge), but the Lotus and NimbinVap both look pretty decent (and cheap). The temp readout is really just for...
  17. Sara

    Gear Which butane brand do u recommend?

    i'm really confused about butane fuel, each brand market their products as extra purified 5x or 7x purified. i was checking a couple of brands like newport zero, nxxt2zero, roorbutane, vector, n-butane... what is the difference between these brands?
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