1. iloveCBD

    Refill Stiiizy pods with 86% THC Pure distillate oil 40 gram with tax

    I live in the bay area and pay $63 with tax for a gram Stiiizy pod. Check this out, I refilled it with some 86% THC PURE concentrate and its hitting like magic! Stronger than stiiizy pods! Do you guys refill your cartridges? if so what do you use? I only paid with tax $45 for a full gram of...
  2. Shit Snacks

    Yocan Kodo

    Here is the other at 510 oil cartridge pen battery I was sent by Yocan, the Kodo: It is super tiny, lightweight plastic, easy usb charging. 2.5v for the lowest setting feels good, and it also has the preheat for a lower cruise. Doesn't feel as premium as the Groote, Wit, or even Handy...
  3. Shit Snacks

    Yocan Wit

    Got one of these to test, along with Groote and Kodo (will be posting in threads for those as well), it is another 510 cartridge battery for any THC and CBD oil carts similar to their Handy. I will be posting more substantial review, with more photos ofcourse, but wanted to get a thread started...
  4. Summer

    Lipo Fire Bags

    @cpk, posted this in another thread & I thought it worthy of it's own thread just to mention the existence of this type of product. Who knew? :shrug: Not me. And, just doing initial searching, I came up with this interesting vid. (There's also a Round 2 vid. & a few other vids.) To be...
  5. bluenavey00

    Which 18650 battery charger?

    Hi all, I have an Arizer Air I and II and for many years I have always charged the batteries in the device. I think now I would like a 18650 charger to charge the 6 batteries I have on rotation. Could some people advice which they think is best? Requirements: I'm in the UK, and Amazon is...
  6. A

    Battery for enail

    Hi folks, I get a china enail, and wants to buy a battery for use the enail outside home. (i dont have more money to do my self a better enail or buy a better one ) I get this...
  7. JCat

    Custom Crafty Battery Packs for Easy Replacement

    I have custom Crafty Battery Packs available for easy replacement of your battery pack. I started this project as I felt there should be an easy replacement available, that didn't require shipping your vaporizer back, especially for those of us with a vaporizer out of warranty. These battery...
  8. T

    Are mflb batteries supposed to fit mflb charger?

    After researching forever I finally plumped for the mflb largely due to the reported stealth and economy factors. I spotted a deal for a Walnut one with spare Gold batteries and stems. The extras haven't arrived yet so I was left to try and fit the supplied glyph AAN2200 1437-LX batteries into...
  9. A

    Replacement batteries?

    Hi guys. Firstly if this is posted in the wrong place I apologise. I don't know much about vaping equipment I just inhale the things, I need some replacement batteries for my kangertech mini pro tank 2, as I've damaged the ones I have and they no longer work. Can I buy just any 510 thread...
  10. S

    Best battery for co2 oil cartridges

    New to the FC...I recently got some 500mg co2 oil cartridges, what is the Best battery for them? I've heard they need low voltage to avoid damaging them.
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