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  1. R

    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    Hi folks, after browsing this forum for a long time, I've made myself an account here cause I need some advice. I am running on a dynavap right now (Silversurfer with glassballs @home) and love this thing but some days ago, a good friend of mine had his birthday a few days ago, we've brought...
  2. pittiserria

    Looking for a mobile vape

    Hi, I need a new mobile vaporizer. My current candidates are Pax 3, Davinci IQ, Ghost MV 1 and ArGo. However, I don't think any of them covers my preferences. My preferences (sorted top important first): 1. Healthy as much as possible (isolated glass airpath if possible) - most important. I...
  3. -dab8-

    Argo vs Starry 2 (or 3), vs...???

    So I’m looking at portable vapes. I have a few DynaVaps which I adore, but I’m curious about checking out a portable battery powered version. I DO have a splinter V1 on the way, but I plan to use that more for at home, and am looking more for an all in one unit. -My research thus far has led...
  4. MrBaked.co

    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    I have a pax3 with the NewVape upgrades and love it for weed and concentrates. It is a great piece of kit. However, I have been hearing lots of good in relation to flavor with the ARGO due to the all glass path. The replaceable batteries and the fact I can buy spares tubes and pre-pack them is...
  5. S

    Argo, Air 2, Fury 2 Or Other?

    Hey dudes! After weeks or looking stuff up I've possibly narrowed down a first vape buy between the Argo, Air 2 and Fury 2 but i need help! Wanting something with: Reparable battery (which is a negative for the fury) Convection / Hybrid heating Noting too big (ie not a mighty) Around...
  6. S

    Fury 2 or ArGo?

    Hi, just a typical purchasing advice thread. I tried searching the forums, but didn't really find a lot of great comparisons. Anyway, looking to get a new ultra portable vape with the upcoming 4/20 deals. I'm willing to break the bank and buy the ArGo if it's really better, but I've seen some...
  7. datayoda

    Looking for less than 5 inch tall bubbler

    I have been looking for a couple of days and DHGATE is not easy to search. Wondering if folks here have experience into what I'm looking for. I need a bubbler with 14.4mm joint to put my MVT in there (or also somehow my Arizer Go); but I must get something small. It needs to be less than 5...
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