1. -dab8-

    Help finalizing a 420 portable purchase

    Hello everyone! I know threads like this are a little cliché, but I have narrowed the choices down, and done a good amount of research and narrowed the choices down this time. I’ve been watching hundreds of reviews and reading thousands of posts here, but I still can’t seem to come to a...
  2. Jojo_Vivant

    What's the best music to get stoned?

    Well, i meant what kind of music you played the most while you start to vape and trying to get high, get meditated, or get stoned? Will you play techno? classic? Yoga melody? dead metal? Hard rock? or just type as below...., let me know your kinky one. Let's start vape and slide! :-$ happy...
  3. CauseBurn

    Is it legal time yet?

  4. C

    best vape for my asthma

    VapeXhale EVO is my favorite desktop vape! This vape provides huge strong pure clean hits. The connection is a 18male and does not require the whole setup if on a budget! I also love that you can also pack little bowls They also have a glass nail adapter to do torch less dabs and provides so...
  5. VegNVape

    The 4:20 Photo Gallery

    Awesome people of F.C!!! :wave: I would like to take this opportunity and use this auspicious day of Wednesday 4/20/2016 to launch this brand new thread which will hopefully provide views & scenes of people's 4:20 sessions, be it p.m. or a.m. from around the globe - for now, and for ALWAYS...
  6. FlyingLow

    Planning on any 4/20 purchases this year?

    Going to treat myself to some new glass and an enail this year... not decided yet on which ones though.
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