1. Alan

    The GTR

    I have been working on this project for a few years now and it’s time to give it some attention. The GTR is a 12 volt desktop herbal roaster with an 18mm (male or female) glass connection. A heavy hitting go to unit that can be left on 24/7, so it’s always ready to use. My first vaporizer was a...
  2. vape>comb

    GlassNoob: what 18mm glass piece to buy from dhgate

    Hi all. Just treated myself to a flowerpot bundle which comes with a standard 18mm glass piece that is nothing to write home about. Anyone have any recommendations for a proper glass piece? Is it true that a glass piece with more content/volume allows for bigger rips/clouds? Would really...
  3. Alan

    Insta Heat (aka iHeat)

    I had the good fortune to work with Ryan at RBT on the Mi-log project which gave me access to his high surface area heaters in exchange for a voltage controller with digital display and cord set solution. A suitable voltage controller was found and modified to accept plugs from a cord set...
  4. Stevenski

    14mm vs 18mm is bigger better?

    Having grown up in a different cannabis culture I am curious as to what is preferred amongst the vaporizing community? Why is there two main sizes? In Australia we had the old thin stem & then the new bonza fat ones came out. All that meant was your stem took longer to block up with a tar/ash...
  5. Hashtag46&2

    DDave Mod for SSV/ DBV/ LSV

    Release The Beast 2 :rockon: @DDave has done it again, except this time 7th Floor's line of desktops become remarkably efficient. Love the way the DBV/LSV/ SSV rips huge effective draws? But maybe you're like me,and tend to over fill your wand? Or frustrated that it is a very effective device...
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