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    Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    Won't be making any more of these, please dont DM me about them either. was too pretty not to post it....
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    hoping me and @mvapes can collab on one of these soon? these colors look great etched/sandblasted!
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    Always wanted to take a shot at one of these. First try at a set.....
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    Brown glass

    Glad you're enjoying it dude!! thank you! some recent work...
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    Recyclers - Discussion and Appreciation

    NFS, Custom 10mm Recycler i made for a customer :)
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    Discontinued The Lotus Vaporizer

    glad its been workin out for ya! :tup:
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    edit: sry trying to embed video Got my EVO today, my favorite vape hands down, i have no gripes with it at all :) very satisfied!
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    Black Friday deals?

    Vapexhale has had multiple sales! picked up a new evo package :)
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    Glassblower in Colorado

    Glassblower in Colorado
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    Any serious beer drinkers in forum?

    love shandy's
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    would a right angle power cord help for the heads using this unit back n fworth between table pieces? just seems like itd be less bulky.... might try to find a nicer cloth braided cord for this....
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    Brown glass all my avail work is on instagram, use that link if you dont have a phone or IG. you can always PM me to see the newest stuff! thank you!
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    Brown glass

    All my glass is 50% OFF TIL MONDAY :) Happy holidays!
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Damn you're right! either way im still getting what i consider to be one of the best flower vapes....i really have nothing to complain about hahaha im excited as fuck anyways! I forgot im getting a dry mouthpiece too!
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    My thoughts at first, def more HT options but my price after shipping was $384 shipped....for a set of 5 nails, 6 ELB's, HT, evo, sleeve..... just kinda get a few more little extras, i personally woulda loved an evolver HT instead tho :\
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