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    Hamilton Devices - The Shiv

    Anyone use and like the Shiv ???
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    What's a worthy replacement for the vapexhale evo?

    I only own 2 desktop vapes my first was tha cloud evo tha best IMO at tha time and #2 Herborizer ... I packed up my evo once I got tha herborizer ...
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    Boundless CFX+

    Looks very nice just wish it had removable batteries...
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    So Crafty + for $172 out tha door(on puffitup using 20% off code)guess I'll see if its any good ... Don't really have a portable I take on tha go so I'm thinkin I could pack it and take over when I chill at my cousins house ...
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    CCell auxo cira e-rig

    Found another seller but no coils listed 😬
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    Discontinued Vapexhale Petra (Upgraded Evo?)

    That thing looks redonkulous ... It would be nice if they thought about using digital temp for real temp control ...
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    Arcadia Longmada Motar Quartz Bowl 510 Thread for Rosin

    Naw no confusion for me got tha kit with a battery pack so just connect push tha button and fly away lol ... I was thinkin gettin tha Lost vape Grus 🤔 but I'm still unsure I really dont wanna deal with havin to mess with software I'm not very computer friendly lol
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    Arcadia Longmada Motar Quartz Bowl 510 Thread for Rosin

    Yea I know nothing about tha box mod world between different software u need for different mods,watts ,volts and sub ohms stuff I was confused 🤣🤣🤣 so simple is best for me ...
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    Arcadia Longmada Motar Quartz Bowl 510 Thread for Rosin

    My crack pipe is on tha way :D ordered extra coils and a bubbler ... I know nothin about box mods so I bought tha kit so it comes with a battery ... I've been doin double deckers with my herborizer but I wanna play with concentrates without havin to heat up my herborizer ...
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    CCell auxo cira e-rig

    I'm lookin into box mods and atomizers for concentrate such as diamonds ,crumble and sugar and this looks very interesting
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    Healthy Rips Rogue

    I wish more companies would look into makin a better mouthpiece that straight pipe BS is just sad and a after thought ... At least put some spikes/nipples/nobs(whatever u wanna call them) into tha glass to help with tha heat ...
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    DHGATE - Aaaaaackkkkk! :) Good/Bad Seller List

    Never again with dhgate ... Even tryin to get a refund is BS oohhh use tha app tiny ass writing can't zoom in ... Between this and another online order that was wrong I'm done with BS companies ... How dumb can u be to send a dumbass glass base on a $100 order... Beyond over this BS
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    DHGATE - Aaaaaackkkkk! :) Good/Bad Seller List

    Will FCUK dhgate made a $100 order from lumin88 and tha dipshit sent me a 14mm male glass base ... Thats it ... I ordered 2 hydratubes and a 14mm glass piece and got a base 😠😠😠
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    Herborizer corner

    For tha regular bowl
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    Herborizer corner

    Are tha screens in tha bowl 3/4 ??? Wanna to make sure before I buy some ... Also tha herborizer hit harder then tha evo IMO... This maybe a vape I buy a back up one just to have ...
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