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    Cannabis Mutations

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    Do you hoard your best weed?

    Micro-hoarding :ko:
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    Do you hoard your best weed?

    This question is funny as heck .... I thought not many people do this. I hoard like crazy, even if it's a tiny nugget. I have stuff that is 5 years old sitting in my storage unit. I'll probably never use it, but, yeah. Now that times are hard for me, I am working my way back and finishing...
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    F is for Fun

    F is for Fun
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    Haze Vaporizer Slogan Contest

    "HAZE!" "Pssst...want Haze?" "Haze... Everyday." "Overdose on Haze"
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    Haze Vaporizer Slogan Contest

    Bah... you got me there... oh well, you know all the good ideas have been thought of already :p I'm off to copyright a cat with an afro...
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    Haze Vaporizer Slogan Contest

    Purple haze, all in my brain Accompanied, of course, by a photo of some cat that is dressed like Jimi :)
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    How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

    Lol this made me laugh. Sorry... just started reading this thread. Been lurking a bit lately, not much time but... How about people that got fucked by combustion? I count myself one of those, and why I quit once and for all. Or is that what happens to everyone...being fucked by combustion?
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    Arizer Solo

    I've had my Solo for about 3 years now, the battery is getting a bit used. Just bought a new battery (from vapepower), can't wait to make it almost new again!
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    The Arizer Air

    Got a couple stories.... I usually vape on 4 (used to be 2) on the Solo.... I decided to run my new AIR on the hottest setting to try to get the stem to fit/break it in etc. It was an empty PV stem I used for the Solo, empty because I didn't want to deal with the smell... I was surprised...
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    The Arizer Air

    I know this has most likely been asked, but I'm stuck on my phone for a while and hard to search/read a lot. Please don't kill me!!!! Can I use my Solo ac plug for the Air? I promise I'll be reading this whole thread little by little ASAP but I got the AIR a few hours ago and psyched to try...
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    10 or more vape club?

    Ah, I see you have the VAS also. I wish I had a place to secretly hide all of the ones on your list. If you were to pick two of you most-used daily which would it be? If one for inside private use, and one for out and about? I can see vaporizers being like clothes, and using one for every...
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    Discontinued Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

    Big thanks for that link and instructions. I am staring at that container (and have another at hand) that I can use for this setup. I'm shitting bricks because I didn't think it was so easy to conceal (mostly the smell). Now I have something to look forward to. Shop class for vapers? :rockon:
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    Portable vape question

    That picture gave me a boner
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    Portable vape question

    Hmm not seeing how a zippered bag can stay smell free for long. Each squeeze can possibly be a punch of "freshness" in the face. Does look well made...and small...guess I should give it a try, maybe they have figured it out.
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