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    Mail Order CBD

    20:1 full spectrum CBD capsules are my most favorite CBD product I've used Also enjoy the lip balm ;)
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    I am so happy to donate to give back to Dave & Amanda, underdog has been wonderful to me over the years - including my first dog being won in their first contest! However long it takes, never give up! Fall down five times, get up six :tup: :peace: Love to all the underdogs out there~
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    Birthday Parties

    I haven't posted in a while but I just saw this post and today actually is my birthday. Haha joined FC I was 17 and now turning a quarter century. Still young I know. @JCat I also do not like medium-large birthday parties for myself. I told my family what I wanted - just dinner with 2 parents...
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    Have you quit Facebook?

    This is how I've browsed facebook for the last year. Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator It eliminates the endless stream of bullshit but I retain the functionality of FB if I ever need it (events/messaging/etc)
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    Supreme Vaporizer

    I vaporize hash oil/melts/rosin in the Supreme V3 the exact same way. I used to make a sandwich but don't bother now with the V3. I usually start off with J-hook and finish with a bong :ko: --When using concentrates, do you leave the stem in while heating it up? I've been bringing it up to...
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    I've been out of the underdog game for a while but it has always been one of my favorite vapes! My last UD was before the air-core design so I recently commissioned this beast of a log! Couldn't be happier :) Black & White Ebony w/ air core Functions even better than any of the (4?) underdog...
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    Supreme Vaporizer

    Supreme ain't for the faint hearted! I just accidentally fireballed my bedroom actually. Was refilling torch #1 while torch #2 was heating up the supreme. The fill-up sprayed and everything went orange as I fell backward in my chair. Luckily zero damage! Roomate said the fireball was as long...
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    Supreme Vaporizer

    Are you using a propane torch perchance?
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Rocket League is mostly all I play nowadays. After 100s of hours played there's still so much for me to learn. I was in a paid LAN tournament and got demolished by the real pros. FC Rocketeers, still playing RL much [on steam]? @Frederick McGuire @paytonpenn @HellsWindStaff I'm a big fan of 1v1...
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    Supreme Vaporizer

    Hahahaha loved the sign off. Scorch away! Also glad to see someone still using the ol' DealXtreme HONEST torch. Mine's lasted 5yrs for $11.45
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    Discontinued The Okin by D.M. Pipes

    @VegNVape Sexy unpacking! I just painstakingly removed my screen for the first time [and mistakenly ruined it]. Now to test out these instructions for using cotton thread* to re-apply a basket screen nice & snug. Excelsior!
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