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    Discontinued The Sublimator

    Enrico is definitely shady, but most of what he's been in trouble with legally isn't even that big of a deal. The fact is the Sublimator product he produced was for the most part high quality, the controller was very basic (to a fault), but the actual metal was good quality and produced some of...
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    Discontinued The Sublimator

    Keen to hear news/update on new Sublimator controller if anyone has any info. I remember there being info available on Sublimator website but it seems to of been taken down or hidden? It claims it's releasing 2020-2021.
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    NFC About NewFC: how we got here and where we hope to go

    So can we confirm if the old threads are going to be merged? If we cannot merge then we should just go back to the old site... seriously. It has years of data where this just has a month or two. Try and just merge whats on this new site with the old one. Also hope there's a backup admin next...
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    Important Announcement

    It's a shame we can't transition the stuff (posts, points, threads) over onto the new forum. This site needs to be archived. It's literally the most detailed vape database on the internet.
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    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    Well that's lame, I was hyped for the MV2 :(.
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    Sublimator Orion

    On the other side of the coin, I don't consider these vapes entirely reliable. I've experienced 2 previous sublimators noticeably lose heating power over time and also every sublimator seems to be calibrated differently with heater reaching different levels on the same setting. Asides from...
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    The Mighty by Storz & Bickel

    Yes a missing o ring prevents it from making an airtight seal as a result you get a much more wispy hit because you're letting in significantly more air. Another mistake some people can make is failing to relock the mighty at the top after opening the cooling unit.
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    Sublimator Orion This looks promising.
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    A Vaper's Vacation to Amsterdam

    Some old info in here but still worth checking.
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    Custom 3D Printed Vape Accessories - Delta 3D Studios

    Finally got a Mighty V3 WPA after years of delaying it. Really like it, at first I thought it was finicky but then I realised I was just over tightening it. It has a bit more wiggle than I was expecting but it doesn't seem to effect performance. I've tried pretty much every adaptor available...
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    Storz N Bickel came up with their own online app
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    Suggestions for my second vape: C+ vs MV1

    Crafty+ > Ghost
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    sorry lmao, i meant q-tips. derp.
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    You bought a Crafty for $50. Think about that for a second. Why is it so cheap? Chances are its fake or something is really wrong with it. There shouldnt be any plastic smell or taste. I would look at the serial code at the back and confirm its legit. Try discern if the taste is coming from...
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    @JCat the work you've done is incredible, this site you've created should be spotlighted or stickied somehow.
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