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    In my experience, my unground nuggets come out uniformly dark, very dark. The vast majority of hits from unground nugs, re-run after grinding are few (1-3) and foul tasting. That's not propoganda or opinion, that's fact based on experience. As for packed vs not, in my experience there is a...
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Er, so... uh... did you check out the link u replied to (http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/herbalaire.276/page-66#post-587055), where HA is milking the glass ? It's quite fun to do hehe. :rockon: :drool: i'll link this pic of my setup rather than post it inline, as it's applicable to the post...
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    mine was pretty tight at first too, when both were cold. After the first week or so of using it the tong a "warm together, cool together" fashion, it was loose enough to spin when both are cold. I think that made sense, lol...
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    If i'm reading you right, your eyeballing is correct. Roughly 1/8" trimmed from the crucible is minimum to fit for use with tong, 3/16" to be sure.
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    the tweak of which we speak:
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    I know it's tough, but can you recomend two "best" vaporizers?

    expanding on what max said: Herbalaire for $140 shipped is a better value, as it can do bags, whip, direct, straight to glass, all while being durable and precise.
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    Tong to the rescue ! I've been using a pair of Solos as my daily drivers for quite some time. I ordered an herbalaire, in part seeking a more consistent/precise experience. I've been wanting to try bags, as well. While i've had the HA for a while now, I managed to crack my solo gong before i...
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    Just a trend I've noticed.

    I've never had such a problem myself, but then i don't go through too much herb. Perhaps a half ounce a month. I use my solo with my minibong about half the time, the other half dry. The whip vape only comes out once in a while, as a special occasion or backup vape.
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    There is life after CHS

    I post this as a contrast, more than a response: Everyone's body is different. Without cannabis i would be having 10-15 epileptic seizures a day. (I have brain lesion.) I have tried dozens of prescriptions, in dozens of combinations. None approach the efficacy of cannabis. Before cannabis...
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    Need to move to a warm MM state

    no colorado fans ? i was going to post this a while ago, but held off. it's been a while since then & i stumbled across the thread and i'm only more inclined to do so now, so here goes. My primary reason for chiming in is your mention of limited income. Cali certainly isn't the first place...
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    How much do you consume : Per load/session/day

    When vaping only, it works out to around .3-.6 a day. I'm a medical user (epilepsy) as much as recreational, if that makes a difference. I space my sessions out, something like .1 to .15, 3-5 times a day. It all depends on how much "epileptiform sensation" (for lack of a better term*) i'm...
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    Just a trend I've noticed.

    i prefer direct-draw vaporizers in general. Whips come in second - a very close second depending on what models we're talking about. Never tried a bag vape, but then there's just no motivation for me to do so. For me some perks are: 1) I enjoy the self-contained nature of most (all?) direct...
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    The Picture Thread

    I Like Milky Hits.
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    Stupidest Poll: Whatchamacallit ?

    damn i forgot i was going to post... sorry... had to. :D
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    Stupidest Poll: Whatchamacallit ?

    EEK ! Grey Potato, Gray Potato, Grey Pohtato, or Gray Pohtato... *brain explodes*