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    Xmax Starry GIVEAWAY!

    My vote was for vaping performance, as well as taste/vapor path. Occasionally my starry seems to overshoot when reaching high temps and chars a tiny bit. Might be battery related but it would be nice to avoid if it can be designed out. As for vapor path, I think the mouthpiece assembly needs...
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    I own the bronze sherlock and the steel coil. Something I don't see ever mentioned about the bronze is that it it imparts a distinctive flavor. I found it off-putting at first but I got used to it. It also subsides with some seasoning much like wooden vapes. I'd describe it as an inoffensive...
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    What's a worthy replacement for the vapexhale evo?

    I'm surprised to see no one has corrected this - the way your friend was using the XQ2 (assuming you meant this) is actually not how it is intended to be used. Take a look at the product online and you will see the main bowl is very large and not at all upside down. The original Arizer EQ is...
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Does the rod glow at maximum power? Does the tip reach the top of the inside of the quartz tube? How are you packing the wand? The material must at least cover the screen. Hope this helps
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    Does a burn-safe desktop heavy exist?

    Ridiculous comment. We are talking about devices intended to induce altered states. Even if one could be reasonably expected to maintain full alertness during use, accidents happen, by your own admission. Little burns aren't life changing but I would certainly do without them given the option...
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    Does a burn-safe desktop heavy exist?

    The new ball injector vapes that have been coming out are extremely impressive in their performance. Having my own fair share of vape-related burns, however, has given me a lot of hesitancy in bringing any of them home. I own a ball modded SSV. I consider it one of the safer heavies but there...
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    can someone explain to me why a stori is so expensive?

    In my experience it makes a big difference in the output from my grinder. A bit of moisture (58% for me) and it's more even with less dust. I find it also help with packing certain vapes and keeping the bud in place.
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    Herborizer Ti or Cloud Connoisseur Halo for clumsy and safety-paranoid guy?

    I feel strange for being the only one who thinks that both of your proposed options are bad choices for someone clumsy, especially so with the setup at a couch. I'd personally be looking at the Arizer EQ, a elev8 Da Buddha or SSV, Minivap, or Plenty.
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    2021 Most Reached For

    Woodscents for solo dosing at home, SSV for sharing or longer sessions... Or when I let my tolerance get a little out of hand. Omni + IH is my roadtrip go-to, but for general portable use the Starry V3 has been a surprise favorite. I also bought a JetDryV this year but rarely use it, the bowl...
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    Volta: Battery-Powered Portable by VaporGenie has relaunched with a new website and the Volta seems conspicuously absent from their catalogue. Discontinued?
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    Anvil by Vestratto

    This comment didn't nearly enough attention, you can't just talk about an over-engineered cost no object dream vape to a forum full of vape nerds and NOT show it off. Curiosity and nerdgasms aside, sometime it can benefit the whole industry to have an example like that to look at, like car...
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    discomfort in left arm from vaping at higher temperatures.

    Sounds like thoracic outlet syndrome to the left arm. It's possible you don't experience these symptoms under normal conditions due to unconscious muscle guarding, but when relaxed by the high temp extractions, this goes away.
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    Weird white residue in vape after 2 weeks of non use

    Stab in the dark here. I believe latex and other rubbers can absorb organic oils. Whatever absorbed from the vapor could just be coming out a little differently than it went in.
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    The J-hook thread!

    Is the search maddening enough that you are willing to wait weeks at this point?
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    I tried for a while to find a screen that would sit nicely into the spherical wand and the best I could come up with was this: This is with the older (non-flavordisk) spherical style. I have inquired and they don't make them in this size any more. I never really stuck with this mod as it was a...
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