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    Portables vs Desktop Poll (daily usage)

    Portable most of the time, since some of them are very hard hitting too. I love bigger arrangements but in the flavor category they loose vs. short vapor paths. Water-cooling is the next terpene trap. I am very happy to have a few desktops around but they became dusty after the tinymight. Same...
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    Yes, please ship worldwide. My original glass is broken so I am an interested European. Well, there will be a time a European vapist get access to all that hot stuff.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    At first, a happy new year to all of you! Well, I could imagine you draw too hard. Slowly inhaling at the beginning and when you feel some vapor in ya throat you can speed up. I do no steps and rip it only one time with small loads at temp 6,5. For me no TM right now, I broke my one and only...
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    your strain of the year 🤑😎😍

    The OG#18
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    Dabpress Rosin Plates

    Graveda 15 t arrived yesterday. The model with a gauge. Fast delivery, it was packed in three boxes very well and the built-quality is okay. I also waited my last life for getting a dabpress in europe but impossible. Since the black label paper is also out of stock here I ordered also them's...
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    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    Imo, a problem caused most of the time by that metal-free-glass-screens. The standard rimed screens I am okay with, tinymight uses also screens that are fine enough with a medium BCG. I recommend a gentleman's grind to you. No problems at all with a vapcap or a supreme.
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    Now the EU is doing similar by telling people to not use words like Christmas. You should use "Holidays" instead because its less tradtional, less Christian, it is more political correct. Shame on them.
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    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    What grit? never got that problem but If... spit out that grit!
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    Hopper io

    Yup, the trouble with the hoppers continues. Still, a wonderful device if it works. I don't know if there was a real life offer or not, here is some little thing that possibly could catch your attention. So, if you own a hopper and got no sweet sleeve or other home to keep it protected while...
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    Europe's legalization

    I live in southern Italy without address, what's a common problem here, but its also very good if you like space for your own and yes, I do Pizza in my outdoor oven. This "forno" was made in the 60's and it still works fantastic. The last days I was harvesting olives, and now I prepare my...
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    Quartz Care and Maintenance

    For cold starts, like the rio, that I use a lot, remove your still hot banger, just dip the cotton of your tip into your rio for a bit of water. Then let the water boil in remaining heat after dry cleaning. Works well in quartz, no extras needed. Maybe dip it in front of to avoid accidents...
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    Indica lovers

    My LA Confidential was so good. She smelled like a bitter green coffee, very special. And I agree, Blueberry so sad she is gone... a lot people was fed up with it, the complete Dutch scene was dominated by Blueberry. Back to coffee, do you know some kush-coffee tasting indica?
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    Europe's legalization

    Also, legal does not mean control everything. Possibly you all missed the difference between but meanwhile I ask myself if we just care about getting high without restrictions. Let all freedom go down, let all free speech die... we do care only for weed...makes me sad. I do not need governments...
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    Europe's legalization

    Germany has not done great. Don't you guys remember 1994 when Karlsruhe lawsuits already spoke similar? Don't you guys feel strange that this maybe happens in that very special years? Do you still beg on knees for getting stoned, beg on knees for getting your medicine while the "other medicine"...
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    Orion Induction Heater

    Hey Ragazzi! After a while using the Orion... Maybe we can switch our caps but to me this box Works very good with ss, with ti to fast, regardless what Combo. For me, a stainless heater. Ciao!
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