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    Vaponic Herbal Vaporizer

    just to add I've found it makes pretty good seal if you hold it against glass 14mm male (but you do have to keep holding it in place during draw)
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    Errlectric Concentration Station

    hey FC ers dont know this vape at all but im watching future cannabis project (fcp) live on youtube from oklahoma cannacon day 2 theyve just announced 20% discount for next 24 hours is FCP20 you might have to mention fcp livestream code starting in a few hours i think live stream (hope...
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    It’s Bicycle night online tonight (celebrating discovery of LSD)

    Saw this Participant FAQ Event Basics What is Bicycle Night? April 19—Bicycle Day—is a global celebration of psychedelic research and education in honor of the anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s first intentional use of LSD. For the past seven...
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Saw this.. small recyclers Cheap($17) Options A-E are all different
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    ..Just to add.. Another app is vapormeister (It has button to extend auto shutoff to 30 min)
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    Random thoughts

    Live virtual Stonehenge For todays solstice sunrise (Happening right now)
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

    @Vitolo update Paying it Forward - A New Direction
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    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    Vaposhop has RBT whip adapter Same length joint as XL8R (~19mm)
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    Discontinued The Splinter by RBT

    I’ve put some 3mm glass beads in my junior XL8R ..with a basket screen on top to keep them in ..poked holes in it with pin to improve airflow Seems to improve cooling ...of course you can change the number of beads you put in ..Maybe slight loss of taste if you put a lot in Got them from Bud...
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    Random thoughts

    I’m not from US so don’t really know about it.. but I came across her sisters blog ..she does renewable energy blog for Mendocino coast in Northern California She posted s song today She’s still campaigning ..they on a list of possible...
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    CBD Vapour Production

    I’ve grown and tried 2 so far..1 CBD only and 1 50/50 The thing I’ve noticed is they both taste pretty nice Different terpene profile I suppose
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    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    Vapefiend 4/20 sale is up (From a post on splinter thread)
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    @AtomicPB That’s what inspired my post lol
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    Hope Vapman enjoys his holiday in Oz I wonder if you could reorganise one of these to power a vapman Generating 20 minutes of light from a descending bag of rocks. Generating instant light and power with the...
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    Monkeyhouse stems

    I’m interested too.. Can I ask about shipping to eu? Edit Oh.. can you make heating/cooling glass beads?
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