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    Been out of the loop for awhile, is Rene ceasing all Vapman production or just the electric stations?
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Puffitup selling 2019 M models for $45 shipped, check your emails. This is the first vape I've bought in about 2 years or so, hope it works great as a on-the-go concentrate machine. I'm gonna try shoving some volcano mesh-pad material into the stem before I outlay the money for the concentrate...
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    Best load-as-you-go concentrate atomizer under 50ish?

    Hi guys, been awhile, I've been thinking about upgrading from the ancient Evolve Plus carts I've been using and am wondering what the best options are for a load-as-you-go concentrate cartridge these days. I have an Istick Pico boxmod already. What should I be looking at in the up to $50 range...
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    Firefly 1 battery or batteries from US seller

    Hi Guys, been awhile. I have a Firefly 1 with a mostly-dead battery and was wondering if anyone had any spares they'd like to shed for some spare bucks. I'm in the USA and would like to buy 1 to 3. Really miss the flavor from this guy and would like to get it back in working order. If you had a...
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    Firefly 1 battery or batteries from US seller

    My original Firefly's one and only battery will no longer charge properly and I am interested in buying one or several unloved and unneeded batteries if someone happens to have them. Please let me know. Thank you!
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    Homemade all glass halogen

    What a cool design. Attach a bag to one end and hook up an airpump to the other ($15 or even less) and you've got a nearly all-glass bag blower. Maybe add a door or cover to help keep the heat in while cutting down on the blinding light. Then maybe add a small motor to make it automatically...
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    Discontinued Vapolution 3.0

    Found a offer on a Vap 3.0 I couldn't refuse and pulled the trigger. As a former owner of a 1.0 and current owner of a 2.0, I once again have to say that Vapolution has made a great vape that will satisfy most users, and should definitely intrigue those looking for all-glass at a lower price and...
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    Vapman Mica with 2 concentrate screens

    Hello all, been awhile, for sale is my Vapman w/ Mica in a blue egg with filling tube and 2 concentrate screens! It is in very nice condition and I am asking $67+$3 shipping over paypal within the CONUS. Ships very quickly (12 to 48 hours after payment received) via USPS with tracking! Hit me up!
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    Help please

    I recommend the Xvape Vital ($50ish) or Arizer Solo ($110ish) for this purpose, both work great.
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    Xvape Vital Vaporizer

    Still really enjoying mine. Add an extra screen to the bottom to prevent gunking-up of the permanently installed one, crank the temp, load some legal solid concentrates, and it's fantastic for that purpose. Biggest drawback is that it can and WILL activate in your pocket given a long enough...
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    Xvape Vital Vaporizer

    Hi all, thought I'd throw in my two cents and add some details, basically confirming most of all PPN has said before. I had a second-hand Vital fail shortly after receiving it. The American reps were extremely helpful, replaced the unit free of charge and even included one of the free bubblers...
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    Yocan Evolve Wax Pen

    I really enjoyed Passsion Fruit Kicker, was a solid slightly-sour brew... Forgive my ignorance guys but I'm kind of reentering the forum after a little absence and am trying to come back up to speed. I know the Yocan products are really popular now and I was wondering, are these just 510...
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    Discontinued Vapolution 3.0

    Looks like the 3 is on sale for $199.99 from the official store. Just enjoying my 2 and decided to peek around, the 3 sounds really nice. A little more looking reveals an ebay seller at $170, too. My experience with the...
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    Arizer Solo

    I hate to say it, but you probably shouldn't use your new vaporizer natively during the early parts of your recovery. Suction of any kind can be dangerous, and the Solo requires a very decent amount. You should avoid drinking through a straw and anything else with similar physical demands. If...
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    Cloud repairs

    Cheers mate, just feeling like a moron at the moment, and pondering how I've never held a soldering iron in my life except to defret a guitar. I'll do some research and work up the courage to open it up pretty soon. :)
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